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● Holiday Sale Time ●

Hello Community! It's that time of year again! In anticipation of newer items cycling in/space, I will be working on getting some stuff out I've been holding on to far too long now. As with any other sale post, there will be a few rules I have in place:

》 Sales Permission granted by areica96 on February 28 2016th

Here is my feedback:

》 I DO NOT sell to banned or non-members.

》 Please CLEARLY indicate whether or not you're committing or asking for a quote. Commitments take priority.

》 Will do international orders; however please be aware that this will cause an increase in shipping, as well as Paypal fees.

》 Replies and payment are expected within 24 hours. If there are multiple people interested in one item and the initial interested party takes too long to respond, the next person in line will be able to claim.

》 I offer free shipping for purchases over $30 (Only applies to continental 48 states)

》 Items will be shipped after everything been paid for.

》 I AM flexible, and willing to talk things out. Life happens and all that jazz.

》 Please feel free to ask questions!

Ultra Sun/Moon Mini Posters- ($4 each or $7 for both).SOLD: Necro and Nebby.

JP PokeCen Clearfiles- ($7 each, or $16 for all three. Can also be combined with below Clearfile lots for a discount, ask away!)


Unova Trainer Clearfiles- $7 each. (Mint in plastic. Just mention you'd like the sheet as well. Added automatically if whole set is purchased.). SOLD: Elisa, Iris.


JP Shiny Mega Rayquaza Plush- $60(Tag like new, slight typical wear around foam parts, only displayed).

Popplio, Salandit, Type:Null, Rowlet line(not shown) PokeDex Charms- MIP $4 for Rowlet line; $3 for Null/Silvally + Salandit line (no plastic for Null line) OR $10 for all 3 sets. SOLD: Popplio, Typ: Null.

US PokeCen Floral Flight Women's Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt, Medium- $15 (Not worn, got too excited and clipped the tag off, but can be provided upon request. As a warning, these shirts run small.

Loungefly (Hot Topic) Pokemon Tattoo Starters and Magikarp/Gyarados Waves long wallets-
$25 each, both @ $45 (like new, starters wallet only lightly used, magikarp/gyarados never used).

US PokeCen Lunala Plush- $30 (like new) SOLD
JP PokeCen Dusk Lycanroc- $27 (new)
US PokeCen Mega Charizard X- $40
Zygarde 50% Banpresto Plush-- $15 (TTO)


Pokemon Movie pencil boards + Giratina mini clearfile Lot- $10

Steven Stone Promo Large Rubber Strap- $12

To make this post a little more interesting, here are a pair of celstial lions getting to know each other!



Pretty stoked for dawn wings plush, fingers crossed for future drampa and jangmo-o lines!
Tags: charizard, fletchling, lycanroc, magikarp, pikachu, pokecen, rowlet, zygarde
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