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Newest Pokemon Kids Extras sales!

I ended up ordering a whole box of kids, since I was wanted 4 already, and I had already preordered the Jolteon globe, so it made sense to just order a box.
I only ended up with one Solgaleo, which is lucky for me, since he was one of the ones I was wanting, phew!!
So here are the extras!!

sales permission granted by Denkimouse Jan 2, 2011

I ship from MI, USA
I will ship internationally, but it can be expensive!!

I will be FLATTENING the boxes for shipment. If you would rather your box NOT be flattened, let me know and I'll try to find a small box to mail it in. Otherwise they will be flattened and shipped in a bubblemailer!

Ash hat pikachu x1 - $4
Silvally x1 - SOLD
Mimikyu x2 - SOLD
Nihilego x2 - $5 each
Dusk Lycanroc x1 - SOLD
Cosmog x1 - $5

Also still have items up for sale here in this post:

If you would like to combine with anything there, let me know!!

Also, here's a photo of the Jolteon Globe next to a couple of the kids. It is pretty tiny! Actually, I'm slightly disappointed with HOW tiny it is, especially considering how expensive it was ;-;
it is still amazing, and I love it. Just really wish it was just a couple inches bigger!

That's all for now!! Thanks for looking!

Tags: lycanroc, pikachu
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