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Plush gets + custom Leafeon looking for a new home

So I supercool stuff lately that I'm excited to share. Managed to cross quite some items off my wishlist. :) More pictures under the cut!

DSC09457 copy.jpg

(I'm only starting to get the hang of my camera and evidently I should stay away from manual focus haha, the pictures turned out a little blurry whoops).
Feebas throw ball plush from methuselah31010. This is the only official Feebas plush in existence as far as I know, so I had to get this. It's adorable, small and squishy. :)

Ditto transform plushies! I'm so happy they decided to grant Magikarp a spot in this great line of plushies, I obviously couldn't pass on these. I don't collect Omanyte but this plush cracks me up haha.
Still hoping to get the Koffing Ditto transform plush someday.

DSC09457 copy.jpg
And finally my trade with the amazing deranged_girl :D so many amazing plushies ahh <3 As much as a LOVE the pokedolls, my favourite of this bunch might just be the Cleffa kutakuta plush. It SO SQUISHY and I love the weight the beans give her, she fits so nicely in the palm of my hand.
Super glad to be able to add these pokedolls to my collection though, Jotho legendaries are the best, hands down.
The Skitty was a gift, she had a damaged tail that I fixed up, it was a fun project. I took before/after pictures:

(this picture was before restuffing her, which is why she looks a little deflated haha)

And since I've found sewing to be quite therapeutic lately, I again have a custom plush for sale. I finished this Leafeon last week and it's looking for a new home. :) A few more pictures and info can be found under the cut.


My Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/helaenaa/
- Sales permission was granted by areica96 on August 24th, 2016
- All community rules apply.
- I will not sell to banned members.
- I have the right to refuse to do business with you for any reason whatsoever.
- I ship worldwide from the Netherlands.
- I accept payment by Paypal or bank transfer (european customers), or BTC/ETH, just ask :)
- My items come from a smoke free house, pet free house (however our dog passed away only several months ago so if your allergies are severe, please refrain from buying). Plushies are treated with a lint roller before I ship them out.
- Payment plans are usually accepted, feel free to ask!
- Prices are in EUR or USD unless stated otherwise, and do not include Paypal fees and shipping (unless stated otherwise).

DSC09450 copy.jpg
I kind of forgot to take pictures of more interesting angles D: If you need more pictures just let me know though. :)

For Leafeon I'm asking 85 euros plus shipping. (That's about 100 usd I think).

Shipping is 6,95 euros within the Netherlands, everywhere else is 9 euros (untracked, please be aware that tracked shipping outside Europe will increase shipping costs A LOT). I realise this is an expensive month for many people, so payment plans are no problem.

I'm hoping to make a Shiny Sylveon with this pattern next.. It's already spoken for but I'm of a mind to make a regular coloured one as well, if anyone would like to call dibs on that feel free to let me know. :)
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