pokechris99 (pokechris99) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Graduation week Gets!^_^

Hey guys so I finally got myself to get another quick gets post out!^_^ it's been a bit hectic with graduation and flying all over the country but managed to pick up a few parcels before leaving for the family and here's everything that came through!^_^

One of the most anticipated packages of this year! Finally! I got my hands on a beautiful sceptile pokedoll:D all thanks to pepperzark !^_^ and surprisingly it arrived here really quick! I was even more excited to see it still had its S sticker!:D my pokedoll collection has really expanded since the last time I posted about it, can't wait to make an update after the Dec break!^_^ of course I had to get a slowbro dice figure to add to my slowpoke collection, just love that pink Derp too much! And ended up getting a few more dice figures after falling in love with their design:-) anyone got a few more for sale? Would love to start collecting these?^_^

Also my terrariums from kubek arrived too! They're absolutely beautiful I can't wait for Vol 2 to arrive!^_^ Other than that just a few other figures and a lovely (and quite rare) entei Keychain to add to my entei side collection^_^ all in all some amazing gets to compliment graduation week:D thanks to all the sellers I didn't mention and till next time happy collecting!:-)

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