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Vulpix Sales Galore (Crystal Season, Its' Demo, etc!)

Hi all! It's SK, your local crazy Vulpix collector. This past month has been incredibly crazy for me with 3 major Vulpix promos, one right after the other, and I went a little overboard on making sure I got all the items I wanted. In some cases I bought duplicates, and in other cases I just ordered WAY TOO MUCH.

So my buyer's regret is your shopper's gain! :) I'm selling everything for about what I paid, so it's a great opportunity if you'd held off on getting anything Vulpix from the recent promotions.


(*) I was given sales permission back in 2009 by Lineaalba and my feedback can be found here.
(*) I ship to the US ONLY at this time. Please arrange for a US middleman ahead of time if you're international, I'm sorry!
(*) I can be a little slow to ship, but I will definitely make every effort to have these items out ASAP to avoid the Christmas rush.

You can click on the picture below for a bigger picture! (And you can zoom in after that!) Everything is new, most has tags still. Some of the Crystal Season items (the mirror and wallet specifically) don't have their tags but they've never been used.

Circle Towel - $14.50
Metal Hair Ties - $20 each (Vulpix alone w/ Snowflake, and both Vulpixes w/ Snowman)
Vulpix Ears Hair Tie - $12
Vulpix Mirror (Crystal Season) - $15
Vulpix Mirror (Its Demo) - $18
Eco Bag - $15
Big Clear Pouch - $18
Small Clear/Blue Pouch - $10
Small Fabric Pouch - $15
Cookie Pouch (no cookies!) - $10
Crystal Season Mini Tote - $20
Crystal Season Wallet - $17
Empty Jar - $8
Small Tin - $5
Soap Dispenser - $20
Thermos - $25
Christmas Small Pouch (Vulpix + Pikachu) - $15
Pen Holder/Toothbrush Holder - $8
Sticky Notes/Color Fusen - $6 each


Tags: alola, sales, vulpix
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