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It's demo babies + holy grail have arrived!

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing fantastic! I am so excited by my recent gets. After a very frustrating trip to the post office to pick up my babies, it's time to show off my new additions to the fam! Hope you enjoy!

First off is my holy grail, the Sylveon TCG Collection box! I'm SO happy to have gotten one in mint condition AND for a decent price! Finally I can cross this item off my list.

My first vulpix plush! They're hanging out on my Ivy Topiary and they look awesome! They're really soft especially in their tails. The only downside is I really wish they chose a different pose for alola vulpix. She looks like she's having a stroke or in alot of pain .

This plush pair is my favorite. Flareon is the biggest out of all four of them and winking pika is adorable! Flareon's tail,collar, and hair tuft is extremely soft and it's hard to stop touching em. It feels like a fluffy baby blanket.

I'm super happy with my gets and I can't wait to add more to my new side collections of flareon and alola vulpix! Also if anyone has any recommendations on flareon plush from 2016 and under let me know. I'm not trying to collect all of em just some. Thanks for reading and happy collecting!
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