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Just joined! An introduction post.

Hi everyone! I'm a longtime pokemon fan, and wanted to keep up on all this amazing merch with this awesome community!  I've known about it for some time but finally joined!  I mainly collect Ninetales, but Vulpix is great too, but with so much stuff for Vulpix now I have to be choosy.  :'D  Here is my collection wall.

Updated pic below but with more plush, but I liked the older pic so I used both. 💕

Stealth Kyubimon hanging with the pokemon haha.

Closeups of figures, tags, and fan made artist merch I mostly get at anime cons :

I also love the Pokemon secret teams (Mainly Magma and Aqua, I cosplay Maxie myself) and am HYPE for the new promotion as we are getting more merch!  I hope they make T-shirts with this cool new art!  (It seemed like they were making something from it at least) I hope they do the pokemon center cosplayers again.  Seeing the pics and videos from that is great!  I definitly will need the pikachu plush!

Rainbow Rocket Secret Teams

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