thefredster332 (thefredster332) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Totodile Item Progress

Hiya everyone! This is the first of most likely many updates on how my Totodile collection is coming along. I thought id show some of my recent purchases! :)
The first plush is the christmas tomy totodile plush. I was able to get it on buyee and i was only able to get it because of flotton finding it on buyee so thank you for your help! The other 2 items i purchased from aarux while i stumbled onto their website a while ago. The totodile gashapon machine was something i had never ever seen before so i had to have it as it was so incredible and the skiing plush we were able to agree a more than fair price for so again thank you for the help and also for your great totodile items. Hopefully i may have more deals with you to come :). Next up on my Totodile list is the 1:1 Totodile plush so hopefully i can find that soon! Hope to post another update soon :) also if anyone has any totodile stuff for sale at a decent price let me know. I may be interested :)

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