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Collection Update, Sanei Absol Pix, + Creased Fabric Problem.....

My collection shelf has come along quite well in the past few months so I thought I'd post an update. It's sooo nice having a dedicated display for everything. I have a few other items scattered around the room (clear weavile kids, AG absol) but this is the bulk of what I have now.

I'm a big fan of the newer tomy pose figures, and really like the new Lycanroc dusk tomy plush as well. At first I thought I should've gone for the Pokemon Center version instead, but I'm glad I got the Tomy (though I'm sure the PC one is great as well). I love his grumpy expression.

These guys are a lil lonely down here but I'm sure I'll be getting more buddies to fill the space in the future.

I also have some pictures of the new Sanei Absol All Star plush, and a Zoroark sofubi I picked up from Amazon JP.

The new Absol is definitely a beautiful plush. Soft minky fur and the sculpt of the neck fur looks really good in the front. The tail has a bit of wire or something at the base so it doesn't flop over which is a nice touch. My only wish would be for stuffed claws - wasn't really expecting that to be a thing but it would sure be an enhancement.
I was in a bit of a rush when I took these but hopefully they help anyone who's on the fence about buying this plush.

I managed to find a Banpresto Zoroark Sofubi from Amazon JP. The box from zenmarket was bigger than expected so I thought they'd overpacked, before I realized the figure was just that big lol. Not as large as the lottery figure of course, but I think I like this guy even better than that one - the sculpt is gorgeous, especially the hair spikes. There's a smudge of glue on the head where the seams meet, which is a little annoying but what can ya do.

Lastly - I recently bought a loved 2003 banpresto absol UFO and the fabric around the nose is pretty wrinkly. It looks like the stuffing was distributed unevenly or something from use. Basically the "muzzle" looks thin and creased instead of rounded, as I assume is how it should look. When I searched for pictures to compare to it though, I couldn't really tell due to a lack of face pix... this one from Absol's weebly looks like it also has a slight crease around the muzzle, but maybe not as bad as mine.
(For the record, I knew about this prior to purchasing; the first pic below is from the seller)

So: Firstly I was wondering if anyone could provide more close-up photos of this plush's face for comparison.
Second - does anyone have tips for potentially fixing this? I was thinking of ripping a seam and re-stuffing the fabric but the stitching is so tiny, I'm afraid to mess with it too much ^^' Alternatively, are there any sewing experts that think they could spruce this guy up (for a fee of course)?
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. My third pkmncollectors anniversary happened recently which is pretty cool - though my activity has been up and down recently, I still love being a part of the comm, seeing everyone's collections, and keeping up with new releases. If time permits I might make highlight posts on specific items in the future... if there's anything anyone wants to see up close/get more pictures of from my collection, let me know. :3

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