squeeekz (squeeekz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Leafeon Collection Update (Part 1...)

I've been busy xD I did a clean/rearrange of my collection, and put up a corkboard to display my flats/charms. While I was at it I decided to take pics of each item so I could start a collection post :D I say Part 1 because I do have a fair few items on the way, but I was excited about the cork board so I couldn't wait to post xD Eventually I plan to have as much info as I can find about each item so it'll be a nice reference for any future collectors!

Group 1.jpg
Group shot!

"Day 4: they still think I am one of them..."

Group 2.jpg
The corkboard! I'll definitely need a bigger one or another one soon. It's already full xD

Click here to see pics of each item!

(Edit: I just sorted the formatting out and added more info for each item! I'm looking for info on a couple of items that I have asterisked if anyone can help? TIA!)

Thanks for looking ^_^
Tags: collection update, leafeon
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