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PokeCen pickup special & Comiket

I'm doing an end of the year discounted pickup special at the Pokecen as a thank you for this year's support :)

The new With You badges, which are for charity supporting Japan's earthquake victims, I will pick up for $3 each! This is just about the actual cost when figuring in Paypal fees. Shipping estimate - $2 for air, $6 air with tracking (up to 6 badges).

Second, I am offering discounted prices on the new Ditto Transform plush. $16 for regular plush or $12 for keychain mascot plush. Shipping estimate - $6 air, $10 air with tracking (could be a little more/less)

Finally, Comiket is coming up soon! Please see my blog post here for information: Feel free to comment or ask questions here, but all orders for Comiket must be made through the contact form on my website, thanks :)  I'm really busy with holiday orders, Comiket orders and family stuff, so please if you have general questions about what Comiket is, try Google (sorry!). Here's some Pokemon doujinshi I've bought at previous Comiket!

RULES AND NOTES! Please read!!
- NO shipping quotes. Estimates provided above.
- I can't go at opening time to the Pokecen this Saturday due to a family funeral. I will go later in the day. I think the Pokecen will have enough stock, but please keep in mind it is possible something could sell out.
- Special prices are only for one pickup day, Dec 23. Orders must be paid for and made by end of day Friday, Japan time.
- Max 1 plush of character/style per person (example: 1 Vulpix & 1 Vulpix mascot & 1 Absol OK; 2 Vulpix NOT OK
- Paypal payment only
- I ship internationally to anywhere
- No trades
- Payment should be made within 24 hours of receiving total. If you need more time please ask first.
- Please be clear and say “committed” if you want the item
- Sales permission granted 19 Feb 2013 by entirelycliched. Feedback:
- I live in Japan, so if I don't reply right away be be aware of the time difference!

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