zenmekir (zenmekir) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update and seeking some things!

Hello hello! Something very special came in the mail today!

The 1:1 Alolan Vulpix is such a lovely thing. Photos don't do it justice what so ever. They are soo so soft and very well made. I love floppy style plush the best and this is the floppiest cuddliest thing ever.

alola vulpix lifesize.jpg
alola vulpix lifesize 5.jpg
alola vulpix lifesize 4.jpgalola vulpix lifesize 3.jpg

They have two very cute tags. One on a string around the neck and one attached to the tush tag.


Besides the lovely thing I got in the mail today I am looking for some things!

Currently seeking merch for my main collections; Cofagrigus, Farfetch'd, Kabutops, Beedrill, Pinsir and Murkrow/Honchkrow. I am looking for ANYTHING that is not listed on my collection site here: https://mummyducks.weebly.com/

Especially looking for neat flats!

I am also in the process of updating my collection site with higher quality photos!

That'll be all for now! Thank you all for reading; I hope everyone is having/has a lovely Holiday season!
Tags: collection update, vulpix, wanted
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