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Moving Sales

Hey all! So me & my husband are moving & so we thought now would be as good of a time if ever to get rid of some of the clutter in my collection, haha

so quick sales!

Info + rules

- Sales permission given by areica96 on Feb 28th 2016

- My feedback!

- I ship from Texas

- When sending money please leave your username & what you bought in the notes on paypal!

- After items are shipped they are no longer my responsibility!

- My house is smoke free but I do have two cats!

- All basic Pkmncollectors rules apply!

- You have 3 hours after a quote till it's passed down to the next person.

- When I say it's "$_X_ amount shipped" that includes PP fees!

- I have no idea how to estimate shipping, so all these prices are me guessing, sorry! Feel free to let me know if they're off lmao

- Please never send payment as friends/family!

- I will not sell to banned members, but non-members are okay! Just please message me on FA or dA instead.

- I reserve the right to refuse to sell to someone for whatever reason.

- If you back out of a commitment I will leave negative feedback!

- I am totally open to trades!

- I do not do international shipping right now!


Mew + Mewtwo dice game thing
$14.73 shipped with the box flattened
As far as I can tell it still has everything that came with it!
you can either buy the whole thing for $14.73 or pay $10.61 for the individual mew or mewtwo die (both need to have someone interested for this to work)

Figures lot
$14.73 shipped
the kid figures are of varying conditions
if interested in individual items they will be $7.52 shipped, but anyone interested in buying the whole lot gets priority

I actually have no idea what these things are worth (I figured it can't be a lot, but one of them on eBay was like $20+?)
Figures separately are $10.61 shipped, but all figures need to have somebody interested in them & if someone wants the whole thing they take priority.

Plush Lot
$23.48 shipped
Grimer is a bootleg- SOLD
if you would like a specific plush on it's own it will be $15.76 shipped (except grimer, they're $3.40 shipped)

This cut is only important to

So, first off, I can't apologize enough for how much I suck. There's no excuse for never updating about y'alls claims.
Please message me with which magnet you claimed & your address & I will ship them out for free.
In case you forgot, since it's been so long, here's the post

Also,ribbyy, Zangoose seems to be the only one that has a paint mishap :( its kinda hard to take a picture of, but paint thats the same color as the nose kinda smears by the red face marking. If you don't want it anymore I completely understand!

Tags: abra, banette, bellsprout, bonsly, charizard, charmander, chatot, deoxys, eevee, figures, giratina, grimer, keldeo, lapras, lots, mareep, marshtomp, mew, mewtwo, mudkip, oddish, pikachu, sales, spinda, turtwig, vaporeon, venonat
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