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Merry Christmas and (finally!) MAJOR Collection Update December 21, 2017.

Hey guys! It's been a LONG TIME...but I'm back with a collection update.  I've been at Pokemon Collecting hardcore since 2013 when I first joined the community...first, a little flashback...

This is how my collection started...not bad overall...I had a custom Suicune and I was a major fan of Pokemon Black and White as well  as Pokemon X/Y...XYZ is my favorite season now....NOW...

Here it is today...a lot less XY and more a little bit of EVERYTHING, my favorite items being the 1:1 Heartland Lucario and my newly added Glaceon....there is an overview shot of the collection.  I got rid of my shelving and got something that could hold the oversized
Kalos starters.  These shelves are plastic but they work and allow me to put a lot more plushies in.  You may see a Gabumon in there somewhere....shhhhh!!!!

As you can see, I have ALL three of the Kalos starters from 2016's 20th Anniversary promotion...I'm kinda sad they didn't do giants of the Johto starters for the digital release of Pokemon Gold and Silver.  But I'm hopeful for a giant Suicune since they're releasing Crystal in January!  Ash-Greninja is chilling on Bulba's head....trivia:Bulbasaur was my first Pokemon ever. :)

My stars of the collection:my fave Pokemon Lucario, Glaceon getting the attention and one of my proud finds...the 1:1 Snivy!  Never released in the USA...he was several hundred dollars.  This collection is years worth of work and I'm proud to have what I do.  Included is the Johto Starters, the Ho-Oh plush they released and the Resolution Form Keldeo they released back when the Keldeo movie was released...I have the Japanese version of the Blu-Ray they released in Japan.

Poor little sleepy Chespin. :(  Here's some rare stuffs in here...the 2014 and 2015 Worlds Pikachus(the 2015 is especially special to me because I was actually at Worlds that year and boy will I NEVER forget that).  The Sleepy Kalos starters...Fenni is still my fave.

My Alolan Vulpix collection!  I just recently got the 1:1 in the mail...also included are the snowglobe and small PC Alolan Vulpix.  So kawaii!!

I bought this off the's a second run edition of the art print from Lucario and the Mystery of favorite Pokemon movie(tied with I Choose You and Keldeo's movie)...I adore this thing.

I found this in fye...a blanket throw of the XY starters and Pikachu.  It's a good display piece if you don't want to use it as a blanket.

Here's the last thing I wanted to show off...the Japanese version of the Keldeo movie!!! We never got it on Blu-Ray here in the states but Japan got such a better cover and the quality is off the charts.  I also have the XYZ movie Magearna for that awesome XYZ music and Ash Greninja.  I'll show it off later on.

Please post your comments here and have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone! Here's to the upcoming Generation 8!
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