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Pokemon Merchandise News

2018 is going to be insane for my collection, oh my goodness!

This is my first ever post! I'm Edo~ I'm writing to you from lovely Tokyo! I've been collecting Pokemon ever since I was born and I really, really want to make friends with Pokemon fans all across the world!

I speak English and Japanese, so I feel I can best help the community with translations! If there's ever anything you need translated, please let me know! It's seriously my pleasure. Outside of doing these translations, I don't get much of a chance to speak or write in English, so it really is fun for me!

All info can be found here, with even more translations!~



✨Pokemon Merchandise News✨

‪Kotobukiya’s newly announced Lillie and Clefairy figure! Release date is set for 2018 and more news to come!‬ 

The figure will feature Lillie and Clefairy.

🌟Pokemon Holiday News🌟

Only available now! Hokkaido Azuki Butter!

Magikarp shaped Taiyaki filled with a blend of Hokkaido Azuki Butter~ They are available at Kuriko Ansan (Taiyaki Shop) here in Japan until January!

🎄A special White Magikarp version is also available only at the Akihabara branch store. Additional fillings include milk chocolate and custard!

💕Finally~ the most exciting of all! From 1/1-1/3 you can get a Golden Magikarp Taiyaki! The crispy outside layer is dusted with gold!

✨Truly an amazing way to start your New Year!✨

Which one do you want to try to the most?

I am dying I need all of these. (sorry not a very professional translation!)

✨New Pokemon Merchandise Announcement✨

Re-ment announces a charming new figure set! This stackable 8 figure set releases 04/09/2018.

Each blind box contains a figure and candy~

Possible Pokémon are:

•Bulbasaur & Oddish
•Bellossom & Elekid

These figures come with a base that can be removed in order to create one large tree!

Feel free to comment or PM with any questions~

Please share this page with any Pokémon groups or pages you’d like, but I’d really appreciate if you could credit my translations~´。・・。)ノ♡。.

That wraps up this news translation~ I am really excited to become a helpful part of this group!



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