Daniel (hawlucha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Silvally kid and new Rattata plush?

Quick and simple request: I'm looking to buy the Silvally kid figure. I'm in Italy but if shipping to the USA is much cheaper I can have it sent to a middleman in the USA. If you don't have one for sale but know where I can find one that's ok too! There's none on yahoo Auctions right now that I could find (there were a few on there a couple days ago - I saved the links for later and the day after they were all sold out.. :/ ).

Also, I found this Alola Rattata plush on ebay. Seller is from HK but it doesn't look like the usual 12 inches bootlegs. Is this a cancelled/future release from TOMY? Any info is appreciated!

EDIT: I found the Silvally kid figure on auction again and was finally able to snag it! And the question about the plush has been answered (official 2018 release from TOMY international), thank you all!
Tags: rattata
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