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taking offers on entire croagunk collection (feeler)

Its been a long time since i've posted! my circumstances changed and i had to stop collecting as hard~
Anyways, I'm posting a feeler on my ENTIRE croagunk collection. Why am I letting go?

It hasn't been displayed in years because I no longer have the space. I'm also looking to downsize my things, and I'm hoping someone here can appreciate the value of this collection. To my knowledge it's one of the largest collections of its kind.
(more info about the collection under the cut)

This is the last time I had everything displayed, a few years ago. It's grown slightly since then, so there's actually a few more plush than this!

Highlights include:
-Wooden Croagunk statue
-Croagunk Towel (its lining the bottom in the pic!)
-Pokedoll (sadly tagless)
-Settei (animation reference pages)
-A really cute hand puppet!
-various custom plush/goods, some from members of this community!

EDIT: I'd rather sell everything together, but you're free to organize a group buy such that all items get claimed in the end. In this case, I would be able to ship smaller things internationally.

-Please keep in mind the cost for these items alone. Don't lowball. I'll consider offers above $1000 at the very minimum.
-I might keep a few items from the lot, but if I do I will notify the buyer/interested persons.
-Feel free to ask if I have certain things, or request pictures. I'm currently recovering from surgery but I can dig things out for more pictures later.

Business end of things:
Sales permission granted by aleyina on 8.8.12
If I have enough interested persons, I will open an ebay auction for it. I'm only looking to ship within USA.
Feel free to contact me via PM on my other social media accounts. IG and tumblr = @thewrabbithole // twitter @graywrabbit

Tags: croagunk
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