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Big New Year's Sales

Hi all! Got a bunch of Vulpix stuff leftover, also have some plushies for sale as part of a big New Year's Cleaning Out My Collection Room effort! :D


(*) I was granted sales permission in 2009 by Lineaalba, my feedback can be found here.
(*) If you're seriously talking to me (and responding in a timely manner) about an item I will give you preference to decide in a reasonable time-frame before passing on to the next person. Otherwise, just commit if you really want the item!
(*) I prefer to ship only to the US at this time. International shipping will likely be $10-$13+ on its own and that's just not worth it in most cases. I am willing to work with you if you understand the pricing, though.
(*) Click on items for bigger pictures in most cases!

Circle Towel - $14.50
Metal Hair Ties - $20 each (Vulpix alone w/ Snowflake, and both Vulpixes w/ Snowman)
Vulpix Ears Hair Tie - $12
Vulpix Mirror (Crystal Season) - $15
Small Clear/Blue Pouch - $10
Cookie Pouch (no cookies!) - $10
Christmas Small Pouch (Vulpix + Pikachu) - $10
Bigger Christmas Pouch (Fire Pokemon Design) - $15
Pen Holder/Toothbrush Holder - $8
Alola Fuzzy Socks - $15
Vulpix Pass Case (bottom left corner) - $15
Small Vulpix Compact Mirror (heart-shaped) - $16

Round Tins - $10 each (Red and Blue)

Alola Vulpix Mascot (has tag and chain, regular Vulpix that was paired has been unclipped and is not included) - $15
All Kuttari - $8 each (All Japanese version, most with tags. Emolgas do not have tags)
Emolga Pokedoll - $20 obo (Couldn't find a price reference)
Secret Base Chikorita (Japanese version no tag) - $14
Secret Base Totodile (Japanese version no tag) - $14
Ditto Umbreon (JP Version w/ tag) - $11
Ditto Flareon (JP Version w/ tag)  - $11
Totodile Pokedoll (minky, older release no hang tag, not sure if US or JP) - $10
Torchic Snowman (JP, has tag) - $25
Mini Umbreon Ditto - $6 (JP version with tag)
Official Poocheyna Plush (great shape, no tag) - $35

Raichu pokedoll (Japanese relase with tag, excellent condition. Tag has a few marks/small crease) - $60

Small crease in the upper middle. Other small marks and imperfections also exist due to storage and age.

Absol Kuttari (JP awake version, with tag) - $8
New Year's Kadomatsu w/ Aipom, Mudkip, Torchic, etc) - $8 (has some light wear due to age and storage)
Pikachu line Kuttari Keychain (sealed) - $8
Buttons - $3 each
Umbreon Rubber Strap - $5
Umbreon Tin - $3
Flareon Pikachu Rubber strap - $2
Pikachu Magikarp Pin - $4
Eevee Collection Thin Cloth Decoration - $5

Sleepy Rockruff Figure - $5
Tomy Rockruff - $5
Cyndaquil Secret Base Mini Plush (Japanese with tag) - $8

Multi-Pocket Clearfiles - $7 each
Tags: absol, chikorita, cyndaquil, flareon, ninetales, pichu, pikachu, plush, pokedoll, poocheyna, raichu, sales, torchic, totodile, umbreon, vulpix

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December 28 2017, 00:08:14 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  December 28 2017, 00:11:59 UTC

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Heyyy did you miss my comments about the items on your old post? I was gonna buy a bunch of those pix items but it seems like you're selling them again? :0

//Unless you had several doubles, of course, haha. I believe I committed to the Crystal Season mirror, the blue pouch, the circle towel, and there might have been something else too. Also, if that toothbrush holder is still available, I'd like it as well.