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Snow babies + Christmas gets

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a happy holiday for the folks that celebrate. I just wanted to make a short post about my exciting christmas gets because..why not? lol I apologize in advance for the bad lighting and quality of the shots.

Cute little fun fact:
I put my alola vulpix plush with sylveon and eevee because these are the 3 pokemon I will be collecting from now on. Alola vulpix has a special place in my heart now so I'm rocking with all 3 of these babies! If anyone has any plush of these 3 for sale please leave me a link to your sales post in the comments. 😊

First up I received these 4 cuties. Sylveon,Eevee,and Umbreon were from gamestop and I only know that because I purchased a Sylveon from there the week before. The little pika was the last sylveon plush I needed to complete my plush collection. I was so happy upon receiving it. Umbreon was a huge surprise because I don't collect her nor do I really know where to put her. I really like how she looks even though she's my little oddball item.

My snowy babies and my new side collection!! These plush made me shriek with joy. I literally felt like a kid again. Lol These were definitely the highlight of my Christmas because I thought the previous 4 were the only ones. Nope! Went upstairs to find pokemon center bags on my bed with my little snowy family tucked inside. From left to right it's the newly released paw pad, crystal season mascot plush, Japan pokecen plush, Japan pokecen mascot plush, crystal season fluffy plush( my fav), dessert plate plush, pokedoll mascot plush, pokedoll plush,and the newly released tail.

Thanks for looking guys and I'm curious to see what you all got on Christmas!
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