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Big Ol' Collection Update and Crafts!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great holiday season ^_^
Just wanted to share my collection and some grails I got since I brought lots of stuff back home from my dorm as well as some crafts that I've been making, pictures are under the cut!

First off is a collection update! I received a display case for Christmas and immediately moved everything into it.

The top shelf is for all my rare stuff. I recently won a grail I didn't even know existed, the USA TOMY fuzzy Slowpoke plush, in an auction so my Japanese one has a buddy! It was apparently sold in the NY Pokemon Center a loooong time ago. It's much flatter than the Japenese version and has round nostrils rather than lines.

The rest of the shelves! I bought the Korean Pokemon Center Slowpoke as a reward for finishing exams :P It's extremely well made and soft and they make him really chubby which I like a lot. The San-ei All Star Slowpoke was a gift from my boyfriend. The last shelf I put all my customs! I've still got a couple of things in the mail like the Slowbro water squirter to match the Slowpoke, as well as the large Slowbro grabby figure. I used to not really like Slowbro but he has really grown on me :3

Next up, some Pokemon crafts!
I decided to try out sewing because I am such a sucker for plush and I'm pretty proud of how this Pokemon Time Style Jigglypuff came out. She is completely sewn and the facial details I did by hand.

I also made a couple of clay Pokedolls (I was super bored over the break lol)

That's all for now! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing all my stuff, have a great day :D
Tags: dragonite, giratina, jigglypuff, kecleon, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke

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