zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

36 TCG codes for sale

This is basically the leftover codes from my previous, huge Gamestop card lot. (Basically, I got even MORE boxsets in the mail after I made that post and then finally got around to opening them). Oh and since someone asked before, these are from later XY sets - SM sets, and I believe there's several promo cards if they come out of boxsets?

*Please see my profile page https://zora-star.livejournal.com/ for sales permissions etc*

$4.50 for all 36 of them, and I can PM them over once I get payment, or if you want the physical cards, I can add on shipping to them too and send them out.

(Still working on my huge, annual gets update :x I take too many photos...)
Tags: cards, sales
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