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Last BIG Gets of 2017!

Hello PKMNCollectors!

I hope everyone's having a fun, safe holiday. It's been a really fun collecting year! There's been so much new merchandise and so much Eevee stuff. I finally have the time to do a big gets post with some very exciting things to share. This is everything that I received from August to this morning. There are two parts to this post, so it's going to be a little image heavy! Also, please pardon the picture quality--Michigan winters -_-

Part 1 is up first!

Part 1 is all the things bought from various brick-and-mortar/online stores, members of the community, Yahoo Japan, eBay, and PokemonCenter-Online.

Eeveelu Charms & Eevee Badges, & Straps!
I was able to complete the Pokemon with You Metal Charm set with Umbreon and Glaceon. I really like the new Pokemon with You design. The little hearts with the Pokemon's type is a great touch. The Espeon and Umbreon straps are from Kyoto, and the Eevee badge is from the FireRed LeafGreen period and features the Gen. 1 Vees.

Eievui & Flowers Prize G Keychains
I can't identify the different flowers, but these are really pretty in person. I'm really glad these are metal instead of rubber, too. I have some of the other prizes from the kuji, but these were my favorite.

Eeveelus Mirrored & Magnetized!
The Espeon/Umbreon mirror is really pretty. The flower motif really suits Espeon and Umbreon. The magnets are odd, but fun to display though I don't understand Jolteon's "tail"...

Eevee Face Pillow Banpresto UFO Catcher Poster!
This is the newest addition to my poster collection. Oddly enough I don't have either of the pillows, but the poster is really cute especially with the green background.

Gen. 1 Eeveelus. Kororin Friends Banpresto UFO Catcher Poster!
I also received this one with the poster above. The color combination gives off such a happy, fun vibe with the little beans <) I really like this one,

Eievui & Flowers Ichiban Kuji Poster!
But this one might be my favorite. I love the flower design for this kuji, and the poster looks pretty elegant (although I couldn't get a better pic -.-). I can't wait for the Eevee & Antique Kuji this coming spring.

Many Happy Eevee Figures!
The Putittos are so nice, but kinda hard to stand up and to balance on a glass although they stayed on my mug very well. I'm so happy the second Eevee desk helper has an actual pose.

I kinda wish I had bought the regular sized plush to go with the Okinawa ones, but I prefer my Pocho Plush as mascots. Their ponchos don't fit very well, but they're incredibly cute. Flareon and Sylveon are my favorites--the little mane and ribbons <3

A Handy Friend among a Sweetie and Brooding Vee!
The Heartland Eevee Puppet is so much fun. Next to him is the Dessert Plate plush. I like the concept art, but I don't think it was executed very well in plush form :( The Halloween Eevee is much better in comparison. His little cape has Umbreon's rings on it.

A Mirage & a Chatty Friend!
The My Friend Eevee's design is different from the Talky Eevee, and the mane is really soft. Sadly, he sounds very similar/almost exactly like the earlier Talky Eevee. And my first mirage! He's a dorky, weird little guy, but he's cute just the way he is <3

Eievui & Flowers Ichiban Kuji Plush!
These little three ladies are really soft. They kinda remind me of the I LOVE EIEVUI DX plush.

 I LOVE EIEVUI Standing Plush!
This group is really nice and by far, in my opinion, the nicest of the series. They have something in their ears to keep them upright, and the pattern used was very accurate representation.

Sleeping Vees!
These guys are so squishy and decently soft. Umbreon's expression is so sweet and different from what he usually looks like. They kinda feel like corduroy with a shorter fiber, but I can't put a name on what type of fabric they're made from.

Cuddly Laying Eevees!
The big guy is from the 7/11 Limited Plush. He is incredibly soft--way softer than the previous version. His tail is a little cumbersome, but he's a great cuddle-buddy. Next to him is his little brother, the Gyutto Tissue Plush. His mane is pretty soft, and he has a little box to help keep him up.

Mugs of All Sizes!
The mug on the left has Eevee's stats. and Pokedex description on the back, and it is big and sturdy. It would be perfect for morning coffee or hot chocolate, but the bottom says no hot liquids. The one in the middle is from the previous Tails Promotion. Its handle is a lot sturdier than the new ones. I found the one on the right at Hot Topic. It kinda looks like the one from the I LOVE EIEVUI series.

Pokemon Time Tee!
I had an extra Umbreon shirt and was able to trade it for this one. It's a little see-through, but it'll make a great pool/beach shirt. Thank you yuwaku_kun for trading!

Warm Cuddly Blanket!
This is one of the softest, warmest blankets I own. I really regretted not getting one last July, so thank you yuwaku-kun for helping me get the best birthday present.

Fall & Winter Foxes!
From left to right, we have Spice, Sugar, Vanilla, and Noelani. Spice and Sugar are very soft, and Vanilla was my finals buddy. The snowglobes are so pretty, and I love the Ninetales on the base.

And finally, the last of my 2017 gets arrived this morning.

I was so surprised the Tails Promotion was brought back that I couldn't help myself to an after semester treat myself. The Eevee Tail Cushion is so soft; the material used feels like the Sleeping Vees, but so much softer. I love the IT'S DEMO Flareon. I hope more Eeveelutions get plushies in this style. Thank you kitzune for picking these up!

That's it for Part 1! Thank you so much to all the members that helped my collection grow so much!

Now for Part 2!

These items deserve their own special section because they are simply amazing!!

I received a few large boxes a few days before Thanksgiving. My local Post Office workers were not thrilled when they arrived because they took up so much space, so they left these on their loading dock for me to pick up:

After they all arrived, they took up a good portion of the living room. But here they are! All safe and sound!

I really wanted to do a separate post, but with finals looming, I was too stressed to open them >< But they're all free and wanting to meet everyone :)

The first is Eevee!

I really love the material on Eevee's mane and tail; it's so luxurious. He's kinda squishy, too X)

Second is Umbreon!

He looks so stern and so grumpy :< but he has a little smile!

The third is the spiky Jolteon!

His mane was a little crinkled from shipping, but it gives him some character. I love them all, but Jolteon is one of my favorites :)

Fourth up is Leafeon!

Leafeon's ear is a little bent, but her ears are like leaves anyway. Leafeon has the sweetest and most calming face.

Sylveon is fifth!

She's the cutest out of the bunch. Her bows remind me of butterflies, and I really like her ribbons. Beneath her sweetness, she's a fighter.

Next up is Vaporeon!

He is a beast in weight compared to the other eight. His tail is really lovely and kinda flexible. He's the self-titled leader of the group.

Following Vaporeon is Espeon!

Espeon is so perfect. I'mg glad the concept art from May changed because she looks so much more refined and elegant now.

Second to last is Flareon!

Flareon is so incredibly soft. Her face is so innocent and sweet. She's also one of my favorites.

And finally, there's Glaceon!

Glaceon is the littlest of the bunch, but I think she was one of the best executed. She's absolutely perfect.

The gang's all here! Meet Flor, Sylvette, Gracia, Eugene, Eric, Vinn, Eleanor, Jackson, and Lalia!
☆ ~Bonus pic.of the gang with a new friend ~☆
I'm so happy they're all here. I don't really have any complaints about them since they're are a dream come true. They look so much better in person that my pictures don't do them justice; they're so well-made and worth every penny. I've always dreamed of having life-sized Eeveelutions. I always pictured them being standing like the previous Giants. I also thought that I'd fly to Japan for a quick day trip and pick them up in person, but being made-to-order and shipped home works too <)
I know there have been and are going to be tons of other posts about these guys, but thank you for taking a look and for reading!

Also, I'm in a little bit of buying mood and hoping to start the new year on a high note. Despite all the new merch., I'm in a little bit of a collecting rut, and I'm hoping to scratch some things off my list. I've updated my Wish List, and here's the link:
or you can use the banner below to be transported:
kuros wish.jpg
I'm looking to buy a couple of items since I'm a little spent after the holidays. If you have any of these items or know where they are, please let me know! Also, if you have something Eevee-related not on my list, please feel free to offer as well! Thank you in advance!

Until next time...Happy Collecting & Happy New Year!
( ˆ ˘ ˆ) kuro
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