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Return to Alola! + First Sales Post

Hi all, it has been a while! Happy New Year! I thought I would post updates on my collection, customs, and post my first ever sales post!


More pictures (Image heavy)

My collection has expanded quite a bit!

Got more of my Pikachu collection here! Easter Pikachu is one of my favorites and Mimikyu snuck in for fun too.
I caved and got a closet Pikachu, which is really quite cute.

I also caved and got the eeveelus, which now take up the corner of my room

My original Pikachu plush & friends
I love my birb Rowlets :) The new Yurutto one is so cute! The small ones are ones I needle felted :)

Ditto transform and needle felted friends :)

I also started plastic cases for my figure collection and handmade crafts!

Well I actually got 2 cases, but I haven't finished loading up the second one yet
The sentret, Chansey, Cleffa, Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Raichu, Poliwag, Marill, Wooper, Pikachu, and Nebby are my needlefelt crafts. I also made the resin Nebby and some of the clay figures :) I'll make a proper post for my crafts later!

And now onto my sales! Crossing my fingers that I am doing this right...

Sales Permission granted by Areica on January 1, 2018
I also have 118 sales on my Etsy shop to show I have experience selling: Here!
Some things are cross listed on Ebay but my prices are lower here :)

-Community rules apply
-I will not sell to banned or non-members of the community
- I accept Paypal only
- All prices are in USD, and do not include shipping or fees.
- Please mark as "goods and services" on Paypal!
- Haggling is accepted, but most of my prices are pretty close to what I paid, so I may not agree to lower my price.
- Please use the words “committed” or “quote” in inquiries so I know whether you are committing or merely asking for a quote. Commitments get priority over quotes.
-If you commit, payment is due within 24 hours after I give you the final amount.
-If items are not paid for 24 hours after a commitment (and no communication was given), I will give negative feedback.
-If you back out of a sale you will receive negative feedback.

-I ship from Boston, Massachusetts, USA
-I ship using USPS.
-I ship domestically and internationally, but please note that international shipping is high. -Domestic shipping starts at 3 dollars for packages but can vary.
-I can give fairly specific quotes for shipping costs since I own a scale for postage.
-I may use (clean) recycled materials for shipping/packing; please let me know if this will be an issue (but I reserve the right to charge more for new materials).
-I generally will go to the Post Office once a week; if I do not think I will be able to ship quickly at any given time I will let you know before you purchase.
-Please provide me your name and address in Paypal when you buy an item!
-I will notify you when I ship an item.
-Once an item has shipped it is no longer my responsibility, but I will provide receipts of shipping.

-I live in a pet-free, smoke-free home.
-I will provide feedback after each transaction!
-Ask me if you need more photos of any items, I am happy to snap some.

Custom Info (for this post, I am only selling Ready to Ship Items)
-Ready to ship items will be shipped within one week of purchase.

Sales Preview

Banpresto Tea Party Pikachu (MWT): $20
TOMY Rowlet (New with Box): $23
Mokomoko Rowlet (MWT): $36
Raichu Pokeplush (2016 US, MWT): $13
Vulpix Pokeplush (2015 US MWT): $13
Tyrunt Pokedoll (US MWT): $18
Litten Mascot (US MWT): $8
Intern Pikachu (US, MWT): $25
20th Anniversary Victini: $18 (I also have another one that's brand new in the box, as well an empty box for the plush shown... shipping the one in the box may cost more since I'd have to get a larger cardboard box).


Clear Slakoth Kid: $2.5
Sleeping Eevee (Desk Figure?): $3
Fuzzy Pikachu: $3
Fuzzy Vulpix: $5

Poncho Pikachus: $6 each
SOLD: Mega Ampharos

Rowlet Keychains: $4.5 Each
SOLD: one wings out, one eyes closed

Moncelle Figures

Vulpix (from HobbyLinkJapan): $6.5
Pikachu (I think it's legitimate, but someone gave it to me and I don't think it has the paper insert): $5

Ready Made Customs
Note: The clear pokeball is the one from the terranium (I think the diameter is 2 inches)

Needle Felt Cosmog: $18
Needle Felt Shiny Magikarp: $24
Needle Felt Kyogre: $24
Needle Felt Poliwag: $15
Clay Alolan Eggxecutor: $6

Resin Cosmog: $16 (translucent)

These are small! <1 inch
Clay Mimikyu: $3 or free with purchase over $15
Clay Shroomish: $2 or free with purchase over $10
Clay Bonsly: $2 or free with purchase over $10
Clay Popplio (note, flops on face): $3 or free with purchase over $15

Snow Pika: Free with any purchase
Clay Bulbasaur: Free with any purchase

Clay Squirtle: Free with any purchase (two of them have metal loops on back)

EDIT: 12:19 EST I found a bunch more clay figures, sorry!

*Only one "free with any purchase" per purchase, sorry! But depending on how much you spend, then you can pick multiple "free for $X"!
These are small! <1 inch (ask for more pics if necessary)
Charms = things with metal loops
Figure = no loop

Squirtle without metal loop: free with any purchase
Phanphy charm: slightly burnt, free with any purchase
Popplio (face flops, dark blue: $1 or free with any purchase)
Alolan Raichu Charm (leftmost, with faded face): free with any purchase

Alolan Raichu Charm: $3 or free with any purchase over $10
Alolan Raichu Charm with strap: $3.5 or or free with any purchase over $10
Mimikyu Oddish figure: $3 or or free with any purchase over $10
Snover Charm: $4 or or free with any purchase over $15
Oddish figure: $3 or or free with any purchase over $10
Shelder charm:$5 or or free with any purchase over $20
Tiny squirtle charms:$3 each or free with any purchase over $10
Shroomish (has hole to potentially put in metal loop): $3 or or free with any purchase over $10
Teddiursa charm (L, larger one): $4 or or free with any purchase over $15
Natu: $5 each or or free with any purchase over $20
Poliwag charm: $5 or free with any purchase over $20
Popplio charm (face flops, pale blue): $3 or free with any purchase over $5
 Popplio charm (no face flop): $5 or free with any purchase over $20
Ditto figure: $1 each or free with any purchase

Buneary Screen Cleaner/Keychain (not used but kinda old): $1 or free with any purchase over $10

I have some orders to finish up for Etsy but I'll try to put together a post for custom clay figures, needle felts, and drawings, etc. sometime in the next few weeks!
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