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Permanent sales post

i was granted sales permission on January 1st, 2018 by areica96

Community feedback
(Azazelmewtwo was my old account name)

I have also opened up a Redbubble Shop come check it out

- All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply
- I will not sell to banned members.
- I only accept Paypal
- if any of these items are on my ebay the ebay buyers get priority
- Haggling is allowed please no low balling
- all items come from a house With dogs and cats Allergy
- none smocking house hold
- All shipping will be done with USPS
- i will ship internationally

Posters (Leave offers): im not sure i wanna sell these poster but i do need more wall space so shoot me a number if your interested so i can think about

the first two posters are large the lower two are medium (feel free to ask for measurements)


Pikachu Mega Charizard Y all tags : $50.00

Mewtwo kororin friends - $20

Hasbro 1:1 togapi- $5 (theres a weird discoloration around the mouth)

20th anniversary pikachu $10

Gardevoir - $10

Tomy Charmander- $8

Tomy Zygade Core- $10

Tomy Mega Blaziken - $10

minun- $5.00

Snorlax beanie- $5

Zekrom - $15

Pokecen Amaura - $10

Machoke plush (oly factory) - $1.00

untagged or loved plushies- leave offers
Sold: luxray, zubat, lickilicky, axew


Jumbo cards- $2 each

Karuta Card Card board cards- $.50 a pair (color and black and white card)

cardboard Cards- $.75 each
sold- litten, mimikyu

Ga-ole winners certificate - $4

unknown cards - $1.00


Gum stickers: $1 per card $2 for whole book

assorted stickers - $1


Lotte gum 15 packs (five sticks in each) each stick comes covered in the sticker/wrappers below - $20 for whole pack

Lotte gum stickers / wrappers - $.75

book stickers - $1
sold: raichu, solgaleo


nintendo power $5 each
Sold- pokemon emerald

Limited (collectors) edition BW $5

BW2 preview guide - $2

Pokemon Guide books - $3 each
Sold- Emerald, HGSS vol. 2, B2W2 vol.2,ORAS

cardboard book (stickers not included) $1

Calander pages - $1 each


Jakks Figures - $3 each
Solds: Zorua, Zoroark

Chess figures - $1 (may be bootlegs)

Tomy figures $3 each
Sold: Mimikyu

Micro Block pokemon - $3 each All pre made But they do come in there Original Box's and instructions

Kids figures - $3

fast food toys - $3 each

Black and white figures - $3

Axew pop pokeball - $3

3D print charmander figure - $6

Korean stuff

puffy keychain charms - $2

Large paper ddakji -$2
Sold: umbreon

Jumbo paper ddakji- $4

Celesteela Ddjaki MIP- $9.00

special rubber ddakji $5

everything below is $3

Kyurem x1

Gyarados x4
Poipole x1
Wobbuffet x1
Necrozma x1

Marshadow x1
Mega Aggron x1
Lycanroc dusk x1

Oranguru  x1
Mega Audino x1

Ninetales x1
Vikavolt x1

Pikachu x2
Necrozma x2
Marowak x1
Dragonite x1
Palkia x1

Machamp x1

Lunala x1
Decidueye x1

Turtonator x1
Blissey x1

Dragonite x1
Mega Aggron x2
Mega Charizard X x1
Mega Venusaur x1
Mega Sceptile x1
Mega Swampert x1
Garchomp x1
Zeraora x1

Lycanroc (midnight) x1
Marshadow x2
Tapu Bulu x3
Tapu Koko x1

Kommo-o x1
Golisopod x2
Necrozma x1
Turtonator x2

Machamp x1
Dawn wings x2
Oranguru  x1
Ninetales x1

Dusk mane x1
Dawn wings x1
Oranguru  x2
Wobbuffet x1
Necrozma x1

Dawn wings x3
Dusk mane x1
Gyarados x1
Wobbuffet x1
Marowak x3

Pikachu x4
Necrozma x2
Marowak x4
Tyranitar x1

Dragonite x1
Tapu Koko x1
Lunala x1

Vikavolt x2
Mega Charizard Y (damaged free)

Mini rubber Ddakji - $1.00 each
Sold: popplio


hand towel- $5

corocoro poke fan bonus - $5

Crochet Espeon hat: $20.00

Eevee cosume headband: $6.00

Pokemon USUM Art pages - $5 each

XY mega pencils- $5

Temp Tattoos - $3

Chikorita handkerchief and post card - $15

Pencil topper- $1.00 each
Sold- Lycanroc, Primerina

Lugia movie card - $2

XY Elite box Yveltal items - $2

pokemon drawing stencils - $1 each

Metal Mega Glalie- $3

Battle dice - $3 each

light up wrist bands - $4 each

Character stylus - $3 each
Sold: Oshawott, Fennekin, Chespin

stylus - $4 each

Solgaleo keychain - $3

Kalos starters keychain - $2

talking key chains - $3 each

Tops- $4 each ($8if you want a launcher to)
sold- golisopod, Lycanroc, Torracat, tapu fini

Pokeball Light projectors (Pikachu, Dawn wings) $4

CD roms - $5 each
Sold: Mew

mini PEZ dispensers - $4 each
Sold: Shaymin

Battrio binder - $6 (coins not included)

Battrio, Tretta and $3
Sold: Latias

Perler Pokeballs - $1
Sold: Heal Ball

Hand painted Throwable pokeballs - $5 each

B&W pokedex (still works) - $5

TGC coins -$1 (free with any purchase)
Sold- Genesect

Aether family Clearfiles $2 each

pikachu clear file $2
Unova starters clear file $2 (lightly used)

Freebie Free with any purchase (may increase shipping)

sold- Totodile keychain, Shaymin keychain, eevee necklace, pikablock

Ultra ball Marble shotter

None Pokemon Sales

nintento power magazines - $3.00 each (some have sold)

LOZ OOT 3D gamestop promo poster - $30

Zelda figures- $5.00 each

model Dragons- $15.00 or 5 each
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