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The good old new years cleaning and weeding sales post :')

Hello everyone ^^ I hope you have all had a lovely holiday <3 And happy new year! I hope this year will bring many good things to all of you, including fun collecting times~ ^^

I always mean to weed out my collection to afford more eevees and vulpixes, but I'm doing it slowly because I'm a weak, materialistic person D:

But today I finally added some more items to my sales post in case you wanted to check it out :D

I decided to no longer collect sleeping pokemon other than those I collect specifically so I have the sleeping pika plush and my collection of sleepy figures for sale among others :3
Here's a pic of some of the new stuff! (and some old metal charms bc I added a couple of new charms haha) There's eeveelution kuttari charms, stickers and some other misc things like pouches/mini bags.

DSC01619.JPG I also have the sleeping Fennekin fig for sale that I forgot for the picture ^^"
Old Preview
(Some of this was sold earlier, but there's still lots left :D I crossed out the things in this old preview that sold so you can click the pictures and look just to be sure if there was anything here that caught your eye that might not be available anymore.

IMPORTANT! Unfortunately my PO haven't gotten new booklets with price information yet -__- I was there today and they told me they hadn't gotten it, 9 days into the new year... I don't think the prices have changed that much as they usually don't vary too much but please be aware that the price guide will probably vary a little from the actual prices. Also due to changing currencies.

As always I don't mind respectful haggling but since I really need money right now I might I might shut down your offer if I think it's too low. But if it's about a dollar or two I'll rather go down on the price than loose the sale ^^

I received sales permission by entirelycliched 27/7/13.
My feedback can be found here

- I ship from Norway to anywhere in the world.
- Prices are in USD

- OUTDATED prices for non-flat parcels (guiding as the currency rate changes):

o Small letters under 2cm can be shipped very reasonably for about 2-4 dollars on average but few items except the smallest figures and flats measure under 2 cm. This is quite reasonable so I won't list all price classes.

o Price chart for bigger  Medium sized letters (2-7 cm) and (>7 cm) :

o Packages in big cardboard boxes are much more and start at $30. Goes for all BIG plush like a lifesized plush or plush that are generally large of size. Please ask for quote.

I WILL ADD NEW SHIPPING PRICES ONCE THE PO GET THEIR NEW BOOKLETS OF PRICES :O But these can serve as a guide for now. The online page doesn't let me see all the prices all at once and I have to type in specifics for each shipment so it's too much work to make a guide from that right now :(

- I can't be held responsible for lost items unless you purchase tracking as there's usually not much the PO's are willing to do with lost untracked mail. However I've never had a lost package :)

- Items come from a dog friendly home, please keep in mind if you have allergies.
- People asking for quotes will have 24 hours to reply to their quote and claim an item or the item goes on to the next person interested.
- This sales post is to raise funds but I might be open to trades for high wants, my wishlist can be found here :3
- I CAN BE A SLOW SHIPPER. Due to studies and work I'm very busy but I'll definitely ship within 2-3 weeks and let everyone know once their items are shipped so you know when to expect them! :)
- I've pretty much completely run out of mailers and boxes to reuse this time so packing material will be a $0,5 extra added to all the quotes this time. Hope that's ok <3

- Customers are required to cover paypal fees.
Please be aware that items might not be available due to human mistake.

- Since I've changed my rules I want to do the password thingy this time :) Please write "Peanut butter cookie" somewhere in your comment to let me know you've read and are ok with everything :3 If you don't write the password I won't be difficult but if you've missed the rules it's your own responsibility to catch up on things written here ;)


All plush are MWT and mint unless something else is specified (TTO, ruined tag, dirt etc)

Espeon $20, Jolteon $24, Vaporeon $27 Sold: Leafeon, Eevee

Espeon, Vaporeon and Jolteon were hand picked by me and have very cute faces imo ^^ They have my OCD stamp of approval which is hard to get x'D

$12 each

Glaceon $7 (TTO), Umbreon $12, Espeon $12, Jolteon $10 (TTO as I moved the tag to put on my tagless Vaporeon when I realized the tags were the same and it was bothering me that my vappy was the only one in my set w/out the tag D:)

Korotto manmaru plush: $13 each (Vaporeon SOLD)

Kororin plush: Glaceon ($10 TTO) and Espeon ($13) available.

JP version Kuttaris:
Vulpix ($25), Victini ($13), Awake Espeon ($35), Jolteon awake ($35), Vaporeon ($35), Sleeping Sylveon ($40), Glaceon ($30), Sleeping Umbreon ($30), Awake Umbreon ($35).

Sold:Awake Sylveon and Sleeping Leafeon

These are from my personal collection, hand picked and I'm attached so higher prices on these. They also seems to be in high demand and I'm reluctant to sell but I'll give them up for the right price as I really need the money rn. Would have kept them if it wasn't for this. Apologies again for the high prices :'(

Berry Kuji Eevee: $38, I love Eevee: $40, Sleeping Eevee: $32

Ditto Jolteon: $20
Vaporeon 2012 Eevee collection standing plush: $22
Tomy Vaporeon plush: $18
Vaporeon 2016 sitting plush: $25

Not available: Jolteon Tomy plush, Vaporeon ditto keychain, Sitting PC Vaporeon

Espurr: $14, Sylveon $25, Fennekin $16.5, Xerneas: $32 (Japanese versions)

Charmander Allstar plush and Litten Tomy plush: $17
Fuzzy (mokomoko) Charmander/Bulbasaur: $24
Alolan Vulpix PC plush $22
Vulpix 2016 PC plush: $13 (has some loose stiches in tail that might need repair eventually, tail is somewhat loose/wobbly bc of it)
I love Mew sitting plush: $14
Swablu mascot secret base doll: $10

Sold: Tepig, Amaura

Umbreon canvas plush $70, Raichu $27

Sold: Ninetales

Pikas in disguise: $27 OBO

Sold: winking Pika

Second hand Shaymins all are TTO (except flat shamin =mip)

Big slightly loved Banpresto Shaymin plush: $12 OBO
Talky Shaymin $25
Small banpresto Shaymin $7,5 (SOLD)
Flat Shaymin $4

Sold: Christmas Shaymin, Smol Banpresto shaymin


Shaymin MIP movie keychain $30 OBO
Glaceon chupa $65 OBO
Raichu old chupa chups figure: $60 OBO

Sold: Milotic and Espeon

Glaceon standing kids figure MIP $3,5
Eevee pokedoll figure x 2 (has been opened but comes with box) $5
Kids figures $6 (Glaceon, Flareon, Vaporeon left)

Sold: Vaporeon pitapoke, Umbreon and Leafeon attack figure

Azelf: $2, Grotle: $1,5, Meganium (box has been opened)/Buneary: $3,5

Sold: Wailmer

Vaporeon twinkle dream rubber strap: $5
Fennekin pokedoll figure strap: $11
Alola Vulpix and Pikachu keychain $2,5
Eeveelution figure straps: Jolteon/Leafeon $7, Vaporeon $8,5 (Leafeon has been carefully opened but put back in)
Tepig osaka opening bowtie strap: $9
Vulpix fire stone strap: $18

Regular Tomy figures: $4,5 each (Shaymin/Pichu $2,5. A bit loved. Running Pikachu $2)
Sold: Venusaur

Xerneas: $7, big Charmeleon $6,5
Whimsicott $4, sleeping ippai Mudkip $4
Victini/Pikachu set: $4 or $3 for Victini and Pika $2

Gone: Sylveon, Gardevoir, Mauwile, Dedenne, Marill ippais, regular sleeping Turtwig (have a clear sleepy Turtwig available though)

Wartortle/Charmeleon big tomy figures $6,5
Kanto starter European candy figures $4 each
Sleeping ippai figures $5 each(including sleeping pachirisu clipping figure:leftmost)
gone: lucario, treecko, torchic, laying on side pika, laying on on stomach pika, chespin, froakie, dedenne, bunnelby, goomy
Pikachu with Ash's hat: $6,5
Sleeping Tomy figures: $25 each (Turtwig is clear)

Sold: Leafeon button, Kalos sleepy set and Hoenn sleepy set w/ Puchi-chan and Lucario

Battle dioramas: Tepig VS. Pikachu $7.5
Pidove clipping figure: $3
Tepig bottle cap $4

Sold: Servine VS Scraggy Diorama, baseless Snivy waza museum figure, baseless serperior bottlecap, Serperior, Snivy, Tepig, Minccino clipping, Emolga, Clipping

Clipping figures $2,5 Sold: Pikachus, Honchcrow

Xerneas/Litleo candy figure: $4
Xerneas bath bomb figure: $4
Chespin: $2, Froakie $1
Piplup and Gabite palace figure (I do have their palace parts too!!): $3,5
Lapras museum figure: $2
Vaporeon rubber figure: $3
Vaporeon, Jolteon candy figures (former chupa surprise): $15 OBO

Chou gets and bell keychains $3. Eevee is $4 and Ice Arceus $2 (doesn't have correct base, grey instead of clear).
Geodude: $1,5

Sold: Quilava, Bayleef and Croconaw

Pencil toppers. Flygon and legendary birds $3
Dioxys and Claydoll $2
Slakoth and Vigoroth $1,5

Pikachu strap: $3.5, White Kyrem $4
Groudon mip preorder figure: $3,5
Dialga rolling figure: $2,5

Sold: Preorder Lugia and Arceus kaiyodo figures, Mantyke strap

Togepi talking figure $4,5
Mew DX Tomy $6
Roly poly Jirachi/Phanphy: $4, rest $3 except Pika = $2
Electrike MIP Tomy $9
Electrike and Manectric kids $3, Flareon kid $5 (ON HOLD)
Groudon think chip figure and machine $4,5
Eevee green pop-up Mc Donals toys $5, pink flute with moving eevee and eeveelution stickers $7 (has a beautiful walking Sylveon on it ^^)
Vulpix European MIP Mc Donalds toy and card $10

Fluffbutt magnet: $8, Pichu with soothebell adventure promotion strap $10 (take the mini pichu figure for free if you like), Espeon chou get $5
Fennekin figure $2,5, Keshipoke Chansey $3, Metal Vulpix $5
Misc straps $5

Usable items, misc

Eeveelution bagettes and vanity bags: $9 for the small ones and $11 for the makeup case bag. SOLD
Eevee and Flowers kuji mirror with Sylveon and Eevee: $10

Bento bag: $17
Bento boxes: $27
Sylveon Poke Palre pillow and cushion set $50

Sold: DS bag, cloth, Towel, Talky plush

Pokemon time "room pants" (pajama, inside use) $30 OBO
2012 eevee collection blanket $60
Eevee collection plate set $30
La maison de Eievui Umbrella $37
La maison de Eievui stamp set $37 (or $5 each if all of them are claimed)
La maison de Eievui glasses case $35
Eevee bag $22
Eevee mug and spoon $22

Sold: pokemon time sweater

Eeveelution Toyopet watches

Only Jolteon and Leafeon left: $25 each 

Aurora tour artwork pouch $22
Walky Eevee stickers $6
Walky Pikachu/Eevee/Mew coaster set $5
Alola Vulpix/Ninetales sleeves $1 each
Meowth and Mareeps sleeves $0,5 each
Glaceon/Eevee tapes $4 each
Pokemon with you Eeveelution buttons $4 each sold: Vaporeon, Eevee
Kuji zipper pouch with Kalos starters, Fletchling, Dedenne, Snorlax and Pikachu: $3,5
Ruler set with Kalos anime crew: $2,5

Sold: Eevee notebook and pen, Leafeon/Glaceon buttons, Glaceon/Eevee tapes

Ponyta dog tag/Mew charms $3 each
2013 Movie charms: First row $2, second row: $1 each, third and fourth $0,5 each

Sold: Oshawott

Click picture for better view!! :)

All Starter lines $11
Nidoran lines $10 each
Butterfree, Pidgey, Clefairy line $8,5
Gardevoir and Beautifly line (more charms) $12
Zigzagoon line $8

Turtwig and Manaphy pokecenter charms $3, Osaka PC opening charms $3 for Meowth and $2 for Pika
Meowstic pokedoll charms $3 each
Loose kokeshi charms $2 each (Cubone, Dewott, Xatu)

Eeveelution kuttari charms $4 each. Sylveon $6
Flareon, Glaceon and Espeon SOLD
Vulpix $5
Cyndaquil, Charmander, Mudkid, Lucario, Jirachi: $3
Dream world charms $12, Snivy Strap $20
Jolteon pokebox charm $20
Leafeon button: $3,5

Christmas stickers 2016 $12 and Aurora tour $14
Magnetic bookmarks: Vulpix $5,5 Sylveon $4, Dedenne/Squirtle $3

Mega Gardevoir sleeves: $0,5 each

Dedenne cloth $2 each ( I have like 5 Four left)
Eevee regional towel (logo of Eevee eating strawberry crepe) $4
All other towels $3
Berry Kuji potpurri lavender thingy with Pikachu and Dedenne $4
Berry Kuji Raichu, Pichu and Eevee print glass $8
Diancie and Meloetta textiles: $2,5

Sold: Snorlax/Pikachu/Fennekin/Fletchling towel

DS bags/soft cases: $4 each. Round pouch $3. Snivy on hold.


Eeveelution movie and activity books

Click for bigger picture!

Only middle book left but without the stickers

Click for bigger image! :) Backside (front is a generic Genesect movie image but I bought them for eevees so :'D Forgot to take a pic ^^")  (sticker sheet not included)

Book #2 (middle) is a story book of the Genesect movie and has a beautiful Sylveon/Eevee movie short page. Comes with gorgeous stickers  <3 $20
Have one book left but doesn't come with stickers $14

Diancie/Carbink clearfile - $3
Ampharos pokemon time set - $7,5 (one patterened and the one you see)
Wanted!!! Espurr clearfile - $5
Christmas cleafile (has both the aurora art and the christmas tree) - $15 for the set or $10 for Aurora tour and $6 for Christmas tree
Notebook with Aurora tour artwork $20 OBO
Notebooks with 2015 (?) Christmas art $6 each

Click for bigger picture!

Pikazard promo cards: $1 each, stickers $2 each
Eevee JP plasma freeze cards $0,75 each (Glaceon/Umbreon holos $1.5, Eevee cards and random Leafeon $0,5)

Movie release pan stickers (pouncing Eevee, sleeping Glacey, Jumping Sylvie ) $3,5
Older eeveelution pan stickers $3 each (sidewants/profile standing Jolteon has wrong paper and is $2)
Newer artwork Eeveelution pan stickers $2

Glittery Jolteon amada $6,5 (old, rare)
Rest of second row $4 each ( - Jolteon = $2)
Second row amadas $2
Attack amadas + Oldschool artwork Vaporeon and Jolteon $3
Older artwork shiny Jolteon/flareon (standing/sitting poses) $1 each
Wafer stickers are $2 - Sylveon = $3,5

Gone: Sleeping Espeon, right Leafeon card

Thank you so much for looking <3 ^^ Have a nice day/evening/night :)
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