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Lucky Bag Gets and Added Sales!

Hey all! I ordered a Lucky Bag and it finally showed up today! I love mystery bags so one full of Pokemon center goodies was amazing to find! I wish I knew about these in earlier years! Lol

The bag itself was worth the gamble of what would be inside! It’s so beautiful and big!

Here are some close ups of the New Years background on the Bag.

These were what I had inside! I’m super happy with how many plush were in there! I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get the sleeping Rowlet in the backpack but Pikachu is a great replacement. :3 It was cool to see things I didn’t even know the Pokemon Center sold!

Now I’m not keeping everything in the bag so I’ve put some things up on my sales page!

I’d also like to trade this figure I got for the pikachu from the same line:

Sales permission given by allinia on March 2013 for baconscreation
Feedback here (new) And here (old).
Tags: bulbasaur, charms, flareon, gengar, lapras, litten, pikachu, plush, pokeball, pokemon center, popplio, rowlet, sales, vulpix

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