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Sales Post 2018! (US Only)

Hello everyone. I have updated my sales post updating old photos, added new merch, and lowered prices on older items!

Please come take a look in the cut below :3

Anything can be combined with my Other Sales too.

Shipping Info:
+Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014!
+Link to my feedback:
+All pkmncollectors rules apply, and I will not sell to banned members.
+I ship from Massachusetts and I'm NEVER shipping internationally again.
+Prices are in USD.
+Paypal only. Please send payment as goods, with your username and what you purchased in the memo.
+After you receive a quote please pay within 48 hours.
+Items are from a smoke free, but pet friendly home. I do own fish and a chinchilla, but they are far away from my collection XP
+I cannot ship weekends, but if you need a specific day for something to be shipped I'd be willing to work something out. I typically ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
+I ship first class mail with tracking numbers, unless specified.
+I'm not responsible for items lost in the mail. Please inform me if you'd like to add insurance.
+Please leave feedback when your items arrive, I'll return the favor!

Other Sales (Non Pokemon):

Shipping starts at $3.75 for non flats. As for books, depending on the weight and size, expect it to be $6.80 for large, and much less for smaller books.

Pokemon Plush:

  • Banpresto Pansage plush (TTO) = $3 SOLD

  • MWT MPC Zweilous plush (bottom stripes are peeling off. I can glue them back on before shipment.) = $3 SOLD

  • MWT Banpresto Big Head Chimchar plush = $5

  • Mini Litwick pokedoll keychain (TTO) = $9

  • TOMY Leafeon laying Plush (TTO) = $25

  • TOMY Glaceon laying plush (TTO) = $25

  • Lapras kutakuta (TTO) = $60

  • Jakks Pikachu (TTO) = $3

  • MWT Build a bear Pikachu (hoodie included) = $20 (shipping will be pricey)

  • Laying Tomy talks-too-much Pikachu (TTO) (works and speaks) = $10

  • Pikachu Hat = $5

Pokemon Figures and Pins:

  • N Figure w/ Darumaka = $16 (Darumaka has a broken peg that can glued back on if requested) SOLD

  • McDonalds Japan Spinning Leaf Storm Snivy figure = $3 SOLD

  • Clear Horsea Kid Figure = $2

  • McDonalds figures = $1 each (SOLD: Kyogre, Popplio)

  • McDonalds Servine w/o base = $0.50

  • Jakks Bonsly (x2) = $2 each

  • Legit TOMY figures (Mankey, Primeape, and Charmander) = $4 each

  • BROKEN Tomy Hitmonchan figure = Free with purchase. I don't know how he got here ^^;

  • Aipom Strap = $2 (Will come with paper insert)

  • Team Aqua TCG Pins (x3, x2) = $1 each (1 sold)

  • Bag of BOOTLEG figures = $6 (They're hideous. Get them out of my face)

Assorted Items:

  • Pokemon Gen 4 Starter mini backpack = $3 SOLD

  • GBA Venusaur Case = $12 OBO SOLD

  • Sinnoh pokedex (Still works) = $5

  • Game Boy Pokemon Pikachu carrying case = $8

  • Lot of Settei (Mainly Gen 5) = $22 for all

Assorted Items P.2 and TCG Related Stuff:

  • MIB Pokemon Buildable Z-Ring Kit = $6

  • Mega Blaziken TCG Playmat (x2) = $5 each

  • Pokemon Black and White Mini Binders (Reshiram & Zekrom and the 3 Muskedeers trio) = $0.50 each (Both in poor condition) BOTH SOLD

  • MIP Japanese Rainbow Island and Tropical Island pack (Each pack has one reverse holo) = $8 each

Pokemon Japan TCG Promo:

  • McDonalds 2003 RS Promo Cards: Latias (x3), Torchic (x4, x3), Treecko (x9, x8) = $1 each

Books (Part 1):

  • Pokemon Platinum Game Guides (One does have a map insert while the other does not) = $10 each (SHIPPING WILL BE PRICEY)

  • Pokemon Black and White Pokedex/Game Guide: Part 1 = $8 (Shipping will be pricey. This is a hardcover)

  • Pokemon HG/SS Game Guide =$8

  • The Official Pokemon Handbook 2nd Edition (x2 x1) = $2

  • Pokemon Essential Handbook = $3

Books (Part 2):

  • Sinnoh Hall of Fame = $2

  • Kanto Handbook (Has some writing on the inside. The previous owner was writing over typos in the book. No poster) = $1

  • Pokemon Black/White Handbook = $2

  • Pokemon Pocket Comics = $3 (Shipping may be pricey. this is a thick book.)

  • Pokemon Team Rocket Chapter book = $2

Books (Part 3):

  • Pokemon D&P Sticker collection (This book is used. Many stickers are stuck on the book, and a small amount of stickers are unused. Great for scrapbooking): = $1

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team = $3

  • All That Pikachu Ani-Manga = $4

  • Pokemon D&P Adventure: Volume 2 = $4

  • Pokemon B&W Manga = $3.50

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