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team skull gets!

Good evening! I just got a package filled with team skull goodness from the US pokemon center, as well as an adorable surprise plush find. Check out my thoughts and pics below the cut ^^

First up is the team skull grunt accessory kit, which immediately grants you the power to poorly rap/make bad puns and squat for prolonged periods of time.

The quality of all the items is great. The beanie is nice and thick, and the stitching on the eyes is crisp and clean. The wristbands are knitted and have elastic/tightness on one end so it doesn't slip down your arm. It is a bit loose, though. The bandana is lightweight yet opaque, and the necklace is a weighty metal that both looks and feels amazing. It's also very shiny, which is perfect for team skull's character.

The only thing I'm disappointed in is actually a small factory error-it was supposed to come with a sticker sheet and welcome letter, which I was going to use to decorate every surface available in tiny team skull logos. I guess that dream will never come true, as the kit is currently sold out lol. Otherwise, this is an awesome kit and perfect for cosplay.

To complete the look, there's also the socks worn by the female grunt:

They're cute crew socks with the logo on top of the foot.

If you want to feel more like destruction in human form, however, go for this hoodie instead:

The hoodie is surprisingly made out of a heavier fabric, the stiff cotton with a fuzzy soft inside you see in sweatpants and regular hoodies. Even though it's short sleeved, this material makes it pretty warm. All of the details are embroidered on, so you don't have to worry about printed designs cracking or fading over time. Something I'm really happy about is the pockets! They're really big and yet you can't even notice them. This is a great replica of guzma's jacket. (ignore all the dog hair i got on it already lol, i probably shouldn't have hugged my pup with a black jacket on)

The only downsides would be the size and shape-it's huge! I have a pretty small frame, and even a size small was like a dress on me. Personally, I like that oversized style because of how comfy it is, but if you want it to be more accurate to Guzma's in-game appearance I recommend ordering a size down. Since the material is thicker/stiffer, the oversized fit makes the shoulders a bit boxy, but that probably won't be a problem for men or after a wash. This is a really unique item and I'm so glad the pokecen finally made something like this, I hope we see more replicas of in-game outfits/items in the future!

Finally, my surprise plush get!

Victini is so cute, I fell in love with it when it was first revealed back in 2011. How can you not love it and its adorable little peace/victory sign? I was browsing through ebay and found this not-so-lil guy for only $36 from a japanese seller.

It's the life size pokecen victini, so I was surprised to see it for such a low price. I had a coupon which made it even cheaper, and now here she is! Even though she's TTO, she's in excellent condition with no dirt/damage on her. I wish the ears were more firmly stuffed, but that seems to be how all life size 'tinis are. Here she is with her little bro, a banpresto keychain I got a while back.

Thanks for reading!
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