fdarkly (fdarkly) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Still looking for trades!

I'm still looking for the Umbreon, Glaceon and Jolteon charms from Eevee and Flowers kuji. I have several Leafeon charms and they're very hard to find now, I'm posting here again and maybe it's the last time I try to trade for the charms I want, I may end up selling them on ebay and just get money to buy the charms I need. I also have 7 charms from Eevee and Antique kuji, I can trade 2 for 1 for Umbreon and Glaceon flower kuji. And we can always negotiate!

I'm also in need of some Pokebox stuff, I've been looking for the Sylveon Lollipop charm for a long long time and still have no luck. So I'm offering 2 for 1 trade with the metal charms I have from Pokebox, some are really hard to come by these days, and I'm not selling them at the moment. The beautiful clearfile is also up for trading but I can only do 1 for 1 trading. Pooch charm set is not a priority but it's the last one I need to complete the canine set, and I have an extra Lucario set if anyone wants to trade. Stickers are also in need, but depending on the low sales price of the stickers, I think I'd prefer to purchase them directly. But again, everything is negotiable!

Thanks for any help!
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Tags: eevee, sylveon
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