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Sales Post 2 + Crochet Commission Slot

Hi Everyone,
I'm still California for another few days, and figured I'd check again to see if anyone was interested in stuff I have stored at home!
Customs can be combined with regular items :)

Sales Permission granted by Areica on January 1, 2018
I also have 100+ sales on my Etsy shop to show I have experience selling: Here!
-Community rules apply
-I will not sell to banned or non-members of the community
- I accept Paypal only
- All prices are in USD, and do not include shipping or fees.
- Please mark as "goods and services" on Paypal!
- Haggling is accepted, but most of my prices are pretty close to what I paid, so I may not agree to lower my price.
- Please use the words “committed” or “quote” in inquiries so I know whether you are committing or merely asking for a quote. Commitments get priority over quotes.
-If you commit, payment is due within 24 hours after I give you the final amount.
-If items are not paid for 24 hours after a commitment (and no communication was given), I will give negative feedback.
-If you back out of a sale you will receive negative feedback.
-I will be shipping from California this time!
-I ship using USPS.
-I ship domestically and internationally, but please note that international shipping is high. -Domestic shipping starts at 3 dollars for packages but can vary.
-I can give fairly specific quotes for shipping costs since I own a scale for postage.
-I may use (clean) recycled materials for shipping/packing; please let me know if this will be an issue (but I reserve the right to charge more for new materials).
-I generally will go to the Post Office once a week; if I do not think I will be able to ship quickly at any given time I will let you know before you purchase.
-Please provide me your name and address in Paypal when you buy an item!
-I will notify you when I ship an item.
-Once an item has shipped it is no longer my responsibility, but I will provide receipts of shipping.
-I live in a pet-free, smoke-free home.
-I will provide feedback after each transaction!
-Ask me if you need more photos of any items, I am happy to snap some.
-Payment is required upfront. Shipping will be 3.75 anywhere in the US for any custom order!
-Customs can be combined with any other items.

Sales preview:SALES.jpg

Sapporo Vulpix (MWT, official): $45
Pikachu Mochi (MWT): $27
Pikachu Snowman (MWT, US): $17
Fennekin Snowman (MWT, US): $17
Pikachu Artist (MWT, US): $18
Piplup Pokedoll (TTO): $12
Piplup Large (TTO): $4
Piplup I <3 Marine (Tag is creased): $6
Friends Ledyba (good condition): $10
Friends Togepi (loved): $4
Friends Caterpie (loved): Not sure what this is worth?
Pikachu sculpture: lights up if you press down, but currently out of batteries. Can test if anyone's interested?

Pocket Monsters "Polly Pocket" Toys:
$10 each or all 3 for $25
(Note: I am missing all of the Pokemon (except Poliwhirl), but otherwise the sets are in good condition. I can provide more pictures if necessary!)

Dedenne, Fennkin squishy figures (part of a previous Gachapon campaign, they are hollow): $5 each

Freebies (1 freebie per purchase or 0.50 each otherwise): Magnets are from Taiwan (Munchlax gone), Buizel light doesn't have batteries, some figures may be booties, not sure.
Ancient Mew card has slight crease in right corner, Master Ball is slightly deflated/has some permanent ink marks!

Also, I've been learning how to crochet! I've made two pokemon now and figured I'd try offering a slot. I won't be able to guarantee finishing anything until the of July because I'm busy for the next two weeks, but if you're okay with waiting I can start thinking about making something now!IMG_4261.jpgIMG_4259.jpg

More samples of my work (some non-Pokemon)

Note: Pikachu pattern was adapted from a pattern I bought from Mahinabunny on Etsy (who allows people to sell creations from her patterns and also sells some Pokemon amigurumi if you are interested)! But I have also started learning how to make other shapes and things, which is how I made Alolan Raichu and made up the patterns for Totoro and Penguin below, and  I would love to try making some other Pokemon!

*Note that these guys are not terribly big (head is about 1.5 inches tall)

I think I am bes suited to make Pokemon that are mostly round/less complicated, but if you propose a Pokemon I will think about if I can make it!

Prices start at $15 for something like the Pikachu, $18 for something more detailed like the Raichu?

Thanks for reading!
Tags: custom, pikachu, piplup, pokedoll
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