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Pokéroom Tour 2018 o/

Hi everyone o/
I have not posted for a while :O
Actually, even if I'm still into collecting, I have less time (and sometimes less motivation ^^) for the "communication" around my collection. For example, my channel is almost dead and I have not updated my website for several months.
However, I really wanted to make a Pokéroom Tour in order to share my collection, especially because the previous one was made two years ago (link here). And as I've done some cleaning recently (dust is a pain!), I thought it was the perfect time to do it :)

So, have a nice tour o/

Let's start with my desk.
There's no big change, this space has just grown a bit. The most noticeable additions are details such as cards on drawers, tenugui on cabinet doors and black tape on the big slat. Oh and of course, the Ampharos corner ^^

Then we have the entrance (yes, I did not start with the beginning haha).
Once again, just a growth of existing spaces. And I filled empty spaces with posters, cards, tenugui, etc. I just so need the Shiny Mega Rayquaza playmat to go under the Shining Legends one !!!

I'm proud to present you all my Pokédolls tidied up, because at a time some shelves were messy and used as storage space haha

Here is the Dark Side...well almost. Indeed, I still have not built this space (shame on me ><). So you have a little preview with some plushies I put here because I had no more space in my storage boxes lol
I adorned the doors with Ken Sugimori clear files and I made a box for the most charismatic duet of Alola, Bewear and Mimikyu :3

Maybe the figures showcase is the space which got more changes.
A lot of brands have released humans figures recently, so I had to keep a shelf just for them (and they even go over haha).
I made a black and white background for Unova dragons (and added some humans).
I put the Nendoroid on the "Lottery" shelf since they fit well with the Kyun Chara style.
And I'm really looking forward to the release of Green ARTFX J in order to complete my Kanto corner :)

And let's end with Evil, the ones you should not start to collect...


& Pikachu x)
(like Dark Side, I need to build the main Pikachu space)

And now you can have a real Pokéroom Tour with this video o/

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