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Fire Pup Get + Sales & Wants

I won a little lot on ebay recently that allowed me to finally own a Banpresto Arcanine figure. Love how detailed this guy is and the nice matte finish. I also recieved the Fit Arcanine in the mail and he's pretty cute - and soft! I think I would've preferred the yellow fur to be shorter and more sculpted though.
Looking forward to seeing more pokemon in this line in any case.

Under the cut, I'm selling the other Banpresto figures from the lot I won and a few other items.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 27, 2015
Here is my
PKMNCollectors feedback.

-I ship from 98165 WA, USA.
-Shipping is not included in the price. US First Class starts @ $3.50. $0.50-$1.00 handling/materials fee may be added to anything that can't be shipped US first class.
-I will ship anywhere! Be aware that international shipping is expensive.
-Priority goes to whoever can first commit to purchase. Payment is due within 24 hours or the item will go to the next person.
-I am willing to hold items and be flexible with payments, just let me know what is needed. :)
-I can take Paypal, Square, or Venmo. Please no money orders!

Banpresto Gyarados - $70 - practically new.
Banpresto Arcanine - $45 - quite a few places where paint has rubbed off, and a little dirty. A lot of the little marks can probably be washed off.

Willing to hear offers.

Hasbro Hitmontop - $6 - paint rubbed off on the eyes, various marks, plus some dirty spots that can be washed.
Jakks Geodude - $3
Tomy Charizard X - $4
All other figures are $2.50 or free with purchase.

Tomy PIkachu MWT - $3
Jakks Riolu (loved) - $3

ThinkGeek Munchlax Insulated Lunchbag - $5

Lastly, I am looking for the Lycanroc Pokemon Time tin, as well as most pokemon items from my wants list. Some of the lower priority items I may pass on for the time being but I am still interested in hearing about any for sale.
Not sure how I feel about the Lycanroc plush from this line yet but I'm also potentially interested in buying him...

Tags: arcanine, gyarados, lycanroc, sales, wants
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