Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Taking offers again

Hey guys, still have an entire bin of stuff to get rid of so.... Taking offers! Need to clear things out ;-; Hoping to get most of my old sales gone before weeding through for new sales. Desperate for the space =3

~All Pkmncollectors rules apply, pkmncollectors only

~I was granted sales permission back in 2012 by Rachelled
~Paypal only please to xleylunax@gmail.com
~Comes from dog friendly home, but she's tiny and all my plush are wrapped up or on a high shelf
~smoke free home
~I'm not responsible for any missing packages, will provide evidence of receipt and try to compensate you in some way if possible
~Will hold on case by case basis
~Priority goes to whoever comits first

~I ship from the US worldwide
~I work full time, I will try my best to be prompt with postal visits

~My feedback is here:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/leyluna/
~Haggling accepted
~Backing out of a sale may result in negative feedback =(

I will provide a base price. This is not the sale price, I am just giving a range of what I'm looking for in price.

Feel free to offer whatever you think!

These prices do not include shipping. Please offer what you are willing to pay before shipping and pp fees.

All these items are packed in a storage bucket. If there are some I posted being unsure about in regard to availability/their tags, I will confirm information once interest is shown/

Primarina figure, luxury ball and sticker: $5-$8 ish

no title
Trainer's choise Cyndaquil: Honestly not sure what he is worth. I think I have his original box too. I see him gping for $50 on other sites, but again, not sure. Let me know?

Dedenne is sold

no title
MWT US PC Deers, willing to split, looking for around $10-12 ish each. Willing to do about a $3 discount on the wole set

Pokeball reversable tepig: $10 ish
Banpresto celebi: $$10-$15

Jakks Celebi: Not sure what she's worth... seen her go for close to $20, but that was ebay. Offer?
Tiny charizard y from a blind box: $1 or free with purchase over $10

Kids: Looking for $7 ish. Ampharos is sold

US MWT PC Sableye: around $12

Magikarp and raichu sold

reshiram sold
Jakks buneary: around $5

Slightly loved but still good condition large US piplup. Looking for around $45.

TTO JP Lucario. Banpresto? his head danglys are loose and one or two strings on the paws--- upon checking my bin, he unfortunetly got damaged in storage... the faux leather on his feet is now torn and peeling. I am sad T-T Not sure how much he goes for in good condtion, if you're interested I can provide pics.

US TOMY Mimikyu: preferably not less than $12, which is what I paid, not including tax. but go ahead and offer

I heart marine marill: around $20.

Zorua and jirachi sold

audino sold
MWT US DARKRAI: ....not sure what he's worth?

Jakks Pidove no tags (or tto... cant rememeber): around $5 ish or free with purchase over $15
Toy factory buneary no tags: $5 ish
reshiram sold

US MWT EMOLGA: $12 ish
US TOMY MWT EEVEE: around $8

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