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Dragonite VS Dragonite

Hello all! As you may have seen, I was on the hunt for the Tomy Legacy Dragonite recently, and thanks to nerucake I was finally able to get one!  ((thank you so so sooooo much again for your help!!!)) On my search for Dragonite, I stumbled upon the newly released WCT Dragonite plush at Gamestop! Now having both in hand and having been able to examine them a bit, I thought I would put them head to head and talk about the similarities and differences found in the Tomy plush compared to our new WCT plush that are out now at GameStop! I hope you enjoy! 

This is Dragonite WCT(left) and Dragonite Tomy Legacy(right) Through this little adventure, the pictures will always be WCT on the left with Tomy on the right for comparison! Now don't they both look friendly? I do find it funny that the WCT and Tomy Dragonite have the same pose.
Right off the bat you can see that the Tomy plush has a much more chubby appearance, which I really adore! Both have embroidered nostrils, mouths, and eyes that have no flaws in them from what I can tell! Both plush are made from soft minky fabric on most of the body, with a few exceptions that I will get into more below. Overall I enjoy the more cartoony and friendly look of the Tomy plush.
A side view to show the facial differences in both plush. WCT tends to use a lot more fleece on their plush toys than Tomy, as you can see here that Dragonite's antenna are made of fleece, where Tomy has theirs still made of Minky. I do like the shape of WCT antenna a bit more, but I like the more durable feel of the Tomy plush's antenna. Tomy Dragonite also has a bit more of a pronounced smile as well, where as WCT is a bit more hidden (so shy)
Here are some of what I consider the BIG differences in quality of WCT and Tomy Dragonite plush. With WCT, their claws remind me of a lot of the Banpresto crane game plush you can get, where they are just flat fleece sewn onto the hand with no real form and feel a bit flimsy, along with fraying a bit on the sides. The Tomy plush has thick minky claws that have dimension to them and are actually two pieces of fabric sewn together. They just look and feel much nicer IMO than the flat fleece claws and give the hands a bit more character.
Same goes with the feet. WCT uses flat fleece where the Tomy plush is sewn together, along with there being individual toes sewn. Much more character in those feet!
Now here is an area that I like WCT Dragonite more (gasp) The Wings! In this case, Tomy's wings are much harder material and are quite stiff in comparison, though they tend to stand on their own better. The WCT wings are fully made of minky fabric which is very soft, but also very floppy. So they both have their pros and cons, but I do like the WCT wings a little bit more!
Now for that big Dragonite belly! Both of these plush are nice and chunky, and fun to squeeze! The main difference here is that WCT again went for using fleece on this part of the plush, along with using what seems to be either printed or painted on belly stripes, which make me feel they could be rubbed off if I am not too careful if I ever had to store them or something. Once again Tomy opts for minky, with fully sewn in stripes. Overall Tomy Dragonite's belly is the clear winner here!
Both have big ol chunky tails with tush tags sticking from the sides! When I first bought the WCT Dragonite plush, its tail was pinned onto itself with a plastic T tag, I debated freeing its tail for a while, in the end I chose to do so. There is still a small crease where the tail has been bent over to fit into its box, but nothing too major. The Tomy Dragonite tail I have no complaints about. It's proportionate to the rest of the body and is sturdy enough to help keep him sitting upright.
Tush tags up close just because.

If anyone has any other questions about these plush or would like to see more pictures, please feel free to let me know!

Also if anyone has any of the following Dragonite or Lapras items for sale, hit me up! 

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