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Recent Gets

I got some great stuff lately so I guess it was time for an update! Here we go, pics in the cut!

Lets start with my recent Popplio gets! Here I got an amazing deal and ordered the cushion on Amazon for only $8 instead of $40!!! I love pokemon cushions so I had to get it!

This was a preorder and I absolutely love him! The pose is amazing, and I love the suede-like material!

I also found this on Mercari Japan for a great price, so I snatched it up as well!

Now I'm just waiting on a few preorders for Popplio, but other than that I'm pretty much done for this side collection! Yay lol.

So most know that Hydreigon is my main collection, and now it's pretty much complete other than miscellaneous items that pop up. So here we go!

This clear file is GORGEOUS! It also features Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon so it was a must for my collection. I love clear files, but I think this will be the last one for a while until I find a better way to display them.

Here is a Dragon type seal sheet. I really like the colors, and the prominence of Hydreigon and Deino.

This was an interesting item I found that I honestly didn't know existed. This is a Movie 14 promo bag that features Hydreigon. I accidently got two, which is nice since now I can leave one in package and use the other.

Now to this. These two items I have been hunting for since 2015. That's 3 years I've been searching! My last grails. The sticker book may look a little ordinary, but this is the sticker book that holds the shiny Hydreigon sticker! There's only two official shiny Hydreigon merchandise (despite the movie), the TCG card, and this sticker. Now I have both, and I couldn't be happier! The sticker book is also really well made, and has some other gorgeous stickers in it.

The small thing next to it? That's the Hydreigon Keshipoke figure! It now completes my figure side of my collection. It's super tiny, and pretty derpy, but I absolutely love it. Even snagged it for a great price!

Now to the end. This is my updated collection photo! I hope you all enjoyed my post, and if you're curious about any items, they're all listed on my website! (Under a little construction as im going back through and adding japanese search terms and years released)

Tags: deino, hydreigon, popplio, zweilous
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