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September gets + collection update

Not many packages for September, but I got a huge package!

It has 3 promotions in it! Pokemon time, the electric type its demo promotion, and Halloween!

Lots of new goodies! I love the big its demo dedenne... It's so squishy and soft. The Halloween dedenne and that one are definitely my favorite dedenne plushies. I had so many plushies in this package, pretty sure it's more than I bought this entire year! I ended up with some extra gachapon because cosmog did not want to come out! I have so many more memo notes to use now when I send out packages! And maybe stickers if I can brinf myself to use them lol

I got the dreaming case case figures, and I'm very disappointed the cushion part isn't an actual cushion, but a hard material instead. But they're still cute.

I participated in a Pokemon gift exchange and got a bunch of new things! And drew a super cute Vulpix in a Litten costume! I'm so glad I finally got the Shaymin pokedoll, I've never been able to get it but now I finally have it! The Rowlet Oteire Please keychain was also the last one I needed from that collection! I love the pokemon petit plushies, such a tiny little Altaria.

And now for the collection update!
I reorganized my plushie wall and changed up my figures a bit on my floating shelves.

Adding command hooks definitely helped hang some of the smaller plush! I might rearrange a bit more, but this is fine for now.

Tags: collection, collection update
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