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Hi Again Since 2010!

So I think the last time I was avidly on here was 2010. In 2011 I became an EMT and well, life got busy. I've been an EMT ever since but never stopped collecting my pokes!

So I wanted to run here and share a cutie I got at Target AND show you guys my collection! And a POKEMON TATTOO that is currently a WIP!

As you can see, this is a very soft and very cute Eevee plush in a luxury ball!
Found it at Target and couldn't resist but can't find any pictures of it on the net yet!

This is my current collection. I moved in August and have been busy working
and cleaning the property, so it's not completely organized. I did score a few
of my grails though one of which included a fairly price Pokken Tournament Mewtwo
and my I <3 Gengar plush I won on the Toreba Crane Game!

And this is my current tattoo! On my right calf I got Mew and Mewtwo since the first
movie meant a lot to me. When I was a kid for about a month prior I knew the pokemon
movie was coming out since the news mentioned it. I saved up pennies and nickles
off the ground until I had 10.50 which was enough for the movie (which was 7.50 actually)
We went to the mall every Saturday or Sunday so I asked my mom if she could leave me
at the theatre while I watched it and she said no. So I made my first adult decision and decided
screw her, I'm seeing it. I ditched her in a pet store, went the movie, and had an awesome time.
I got in a lot of trouble but I knew I would and it was worth it. So hence, this tattoo is not only
my two favorite Pokemon but they also mean something dear to me <3 This tattoo is done
by Brandoom at Outer Limits Tattoo in Long Beach, CA. His instagram is :

And that's all the update I have for you guys now! Sorry for beeing so hit and run these past few years! Busy life.

Love ya guys!

<3 <3 <3

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