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"vintage" get - pocket pikachu!

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a nice Friday! I just wanted to share some pics of a recent get... Pocket Pikachu! This adorable little virtual pet Pikachu doubles as a pedometer and is one of my favorite "vintage" Pokemon items. I had one as a kid, but it's long been lost to the abyss... So I found a great deal on eBay and got the Japanese version (the US/international release was simply called "Pokemon Pikachu") in great, working condition. A couple years ago I was gifted a tiny guidebook for it, as well, so I'll share a few photos from that, as well~

Classic Pikachu merch is one of my favorite things to collect, so this is juuuust my taste <3 Here you can see Pikachu brushing his teeth this morning, and just look how adorable the artwork for the guidebook is?? <3

As soon as you open up the tiny book, you get a cute illustration of Pika riding a tricycle. There's also a sheet of holographic stickers, that have miraculously gone unused after all these years.

Without the tiny dust jacket on, the cover is printed with a bunch of cute sprites from the game:

There are more really sweet Pika illustrations throughout the book, and a lot of tiny, expressive comics about a kid using his own Pocket Pikachu. They look really ridiculous, but sadly, I can't read them, haha:

My favorite artwork is tucked away on the back cover- Pikachu all cozy in bed!! <3

There was a second release, that has a silver shell and has colored sprites, but I don't own that one (yet?!). I looove the Gameboy look of the original, though, and plan to actually clip it to my pants and use the pedometer feature when I go out. I think it makes for a pretty cool looking accessory (at least fellow nerds will appreciate it, haha)~
And here's a shot of it next to the Pokewalker, which was inspired by Pocket Pikachu! I don't have the clip for it anymore (or fresh batteries), so it's mostly just a collector's item for me. (Soul Silver is my favorite Pokemon game, though; I'm so glad I was able to buy it brand new while they were still in stores!)

Do you guys own one of these? I think it would be really cool if Game Freak released some throw back virtual pet Pokemon products! The virtual pet aspect of Pokemon is obviously still going strong, though, with Pokemon Amie/Refresh, as well as the Pokeball Plus accessory being released next month that will allow you to take a Pokemon from Let's Go out with you!

Have a nice weekend~
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