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Gets and a question about sales

Hey all, just wanted to update with some awesome gets!! Pics under cut!

Halloween sylveon, eevee dressed as sylveon (super cute and fluffy), and the clip on sylveon! It clips onto your shoulder
New charms/keychains and the it's demo eyeshadow. The it's demo promo has got to be one of my favs! I also got some of those cord holders, and they seem to do an okay job if you clip them on tight enough
One of those things I always wanted!! The postcard of sylveon and eevee, dunno how long ago it came out, but it's pretty cute.
The dish is larger than I thought actually! But this desert promo has the cutest art!
These are dryer bags; you put delicates in them while putting them in the dryer. Large and super useful! That's the best kind of merch lol
Containers that came with some candies. Haven't tried the candies yet, dunno if I want to lmao.
One of the eevee promo stickers! Super cute and I love it!!!

So I have a question about sales permission. I posted my application in DECEMBER 2017 and have yet to hear anything at all. The post says the average wait is 2-3 months...clearly it isn't. Is areica96 the ONLY one giving sales permission? It sure seems like it. I get the mods are human and have lives outside this site, but that seems like a LOT of work for one person. Is there no one else helping out with that? I can handle the wait, but what's annoying is that the posted wait time clearly it's right, it should be more like 9-12 months. That might help save some frustration people might feel on the extended wait time if they knew ahead of time it was going to take that long. 


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