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Gets, sales, and new displays

Hello everyone! I'm back again, with another collection update.

There's nothing really big in this one, however I've found new ways to display my collection, so maybe it may inspire some of you guys wondering what some shelves look like?

Here's a small Preview:


Here's my SALES and my UPDATED OTHER SALES which can be combined!

Now, onto the update under the cut!

First is this Rotomdex travel tag. He's perf for my rotomdex collection. :)

Next gets are from gaarasyami's pickups! Thank you so much for all the former pickups you've done through the years!

As for Sylveon, I can't figure out if her little hat is supposed to be a macaron or not.

I couldn't resist the pokemontime plush. I love Litten's sarcastic expression.

The Alolan Ninetales figure. I cannot wait for the snow to come down, so I could take winter themed pics with her!

Litten had the best IDGAF face ever <3 He doesn't care about the shiny Gyarados behind him.

Next are gets from my middleman!

I fell in love with Alolan sandshrew after his episode in the anime. I was really hoping that lillie would catch it ;_;

As for HelloPika, it's an adorable interactive figure. His head likes to move around, and he speaks depending on what you say to him. I have a little video with his phrases here.

I've wanted a little mareep plush for sometime, and after getting this little floofy guy, I need more!

I got all of these Oricorio forms together from a lot for a decent price! I love the design for them, and even the bright colors chosen.

I'm very far behind with collecting the Pokemon Dolls line ^^;

Shiny Beast charms <3 since I had the shiny pokedolls, I wanted to get the charms at some point.

Maybe I'll make a necklace for them sometime in the future.

Work gets! I haven't been seeing any good pokemon stuff at work.

I was shocked to see the wooper... but got disappointed to see that it was a bootleg ;_; It had me fooled for a bit, until i saw that it was made of minky.

Next are some new displays I got for the secret base! I've had the elgyem settei sitting in a corner for a while, and now I finally have a spot for it to be displayed.

Random trip to wal-mart one day to pick up the final seasons of Adventure time on dvd, and came back with this too! I wanted a way to display my pikachus, so this has a ton of them out for show!

Lokks great with something in that once empty space there. I do knda miss the Space Dandy scroll that was up there, but it was annoying that it would fall when I wanted to get into the closet for something.

Sorry for grainy photo ;_; I got this bookshelf from work yesterday. It was like it came out of the package, and clean too.

I wanted it to display my canvas plush, since I have the full set. All this time, they've been displayed underneath a table, but you can barely see them. That changed today <3 I have all the canvas plush displayed out in the open, and it looks great!

... As usual, Litten dun't care x3

Well, that concludes this collection update. Until next time, see ya!

Tags: gen 7, litten, pikachu, rotom, wooper
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