electricoil wrote in pkmncollectors

Intro post + Wants!

Hiya, I'm electricoil/coil and I've been lurking for a while, but finally decided to join. I collect mostly plush but I've recently started getting into pins and things as well. My favorite mons are Magnemite of course, but also Pyukumuku and Dialga. Most of my collection is at home right now, but my Magnemite and Pyukumuku plushes hang out with me at school.

Anyways, I hope to get to know you all! Below are also some wants I'm poking about for.

Major wants: 

Any Magnemite line pins

Just the Pyukumuku pin from the Pokemon Center set

The Pyukumuku dex charm

The Magnemite line dex charms

Suggestions for fanmade pin sites

Minor wants

Any Magnemite/Pyukumuku can badges/buttons/badges/etc and charms/straps

The Dialga pin from the Pokemon Center set

The year of legendaries Dialga pin (doubt anyone would sell this without the Palkia as well)

General Magnemite/Pyuku merch

Finally, will anyone be doing claims for volume one of the Pokemon Quest pins? I'd love to claim a Magnemite pin. 


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