Sarah Ciraulo (crashdiamond182) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sarah Ciraulo

Looking for Budew! + somewhat non-Pokémon related things(?)

Hello all! So I haven’t really been jonesing to collect Pokémon lately, but with the release of a butt ton of plush being released lately, it has stricken the collecting fever again!

So I’m looking for Budew items! I don’t know if very many exist, I’m not really looking for stickers or cards unless they’re hella unique.

ISO: pardon my janky looking photos, I literally just screenshotted them from Google.

Budew Pokedoll

Rotund Sanei Boi


So for the non-related Pokémon things. I got these little dudes in the mail recently, and the material they’re made of highkey remind me of kid figures?? Some of them like,, have a little hole for air to come out and it’s kinda squishy.

And then others??? The feet just fly off?? I don’t know why?? Anyways the clown nose onigiri (and the others if I’m not mistaken) says Peanuts Club on the back, has anyone ever seen or owned Pokémon merch with that branding on it?

That’s all for me! Bye for now c:
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