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Reintroduction + Collection showcase

It has been a while since myself I have last posted, despite me occasionally commenting on posts. I just want to introduce myself as a UK collector who mainly specialises in pokedolls. I've changed my goals in education to IT instead of criminology, but I'm not sure how that is going to last since I'm struggling to do assignments I have no clue what to do. But enough about my issues... let's get to my main collection. Me Pokedolls!
I've had technically been collecting since I was little one but it's not as mad as of now. I got back into collecting within 2016 and has only gotten wilder. I've expanded my collection and even achieving many wants, thanks to a lot of help from the community as well :) but it has been months since I have last showed it all. So.... here it is.

At the moment, I'm not truely intrested in expanding my collection unless a major want comes up for sale and a good price. But I'm going abroad and unluckly my school assingments are due not long after I get back, (one of them is due while I am away so I'm trying to get it done quickly >_<), so I'm holding back for a little bit to focus on studies.
But I am glad that I have gone and collected my pokedolls, due to how much happiness they have brought me during my problematic times. I even remember how I managed how I got pratically everyone of them (I think).
Any questions, please ask away, I have closer up pictures of my collection right under the spoiler.
Thank you very much.
Closer up pictures under the spoiler:
[Closer look for the hard to spot ones]

Tags: collection update, pokedoll
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