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Fall Cleaning Sale - Lots of Pokemon Plush

Hi everyone im back with another cleaning sale - i NEED to get rid of these plush so i lowered them even more especially the bigger ones because they are taking up soo much of my room. If you have more questions or need more pictures just ask ill gladly send more pics if needed :)
Shipping is $4 anywhere in the USA for small/medium plush bigger plush will cost more depending on size.
I have most of these crossposted on eBay but for higher prices


Sales permission granted on February 28 2016 by arciea96
PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply
- My feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/raindance11/ ( old account)
- Not selling to non or banned members as I want to make sure these items get a great and hopefully forever home
- I ship from Fircrest Washington
- Haggling is accepted, but please no low balling
- Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees; I DON'T ACCEPT GIFTED PAYMENTS I WILL REFUND YOU
Please put your Username and what you bought in the info
- Prices are in USD and method of payment is via Paypal. Nothing else at this time
- No holds sorry
- No payment needed at least 2 hours after committing
- I will pack each item to the best of my ability in an envelope to preserve the item and keep costs low. if an item is big i will use a box ( i do recycle boxes and bags)
- Items come from a smoke free home ( i do have a dog and she has access to my room with plush in it )
- I am not responsible for packages after they leave my house sorry
- i ship at least a few days after paying sometimes school makes me ship late


Pokeball DX banpresto TTO - $12
Prinplup DX banpresto MWT - $20
Pikachu Ichiban Kuji Prize MWT - $20
Tomy Electronic Pikachu (No longer works) - $12
Snorlax hasbro TTO - $4
Sandshrew Play By Play TTO - Sold
Gothita Tomy MWT - $9
Gothita Tomy TTO - sold
Tepig Pokedoll - sold
Pikachu Top insight keychain MWT- $7
Marill Electronic Tomy (Still works) comes with original box and packaging - $35
Meloetta DX banpresto MWT - $14
Chespin MPC banpresto TTO - $4
Entei Banpresto TTO - $26
Squirtle Tomy - sold
Pansage DX banpresto TTO - $6
Meloetta Pokedoll NO TAGS - $7
Pikachu Tomy TTO- $3
Tepig Pokemon Center No tags - $4
Pachirisu Jakks TTO - $9
Chimchar Banpresto puppet TTO - $9
Escavilier Banpresto MPC TTO - $9
Froakie Tomy USA version MWT - $5
Froakie Tomy Japanese version TTO - $6
Duskull Jakks NO TAGS - $9
Jirachi Jakks TTO - $12
Sleeping Pachirisu Banpresto TTO - sold
Diancie Tomy TTO - $12
Happiny Pokedoll TTO (small stains) - $7
Chimchar banpresto TTO - $8
Gotlet MPC banpresto TTO - $7
Mime Jr Jakks TTO - $7
Elekid Jakks TTO - $8
Togepi Burger king plush - $4
Jellicent MPC banpresto TTO - sold
Scraggy banpresto MWT - $8
Keldeo MPC banpresto TTO - $4
Marill Banpresto MWT - $7
Litleo Tomy TTO - $5
Snorlax play by play MWT - $7
Genesect Banpresto MPC TTO - $5
Sleeping Pikachu Banpresto TTO - $6
Pikachu Pokedoll TTO USA version - sold
Pikachu Pokedoll No tags - sold
Charmander Banpresto TTO - $5
Axew Jakks TTO - sold
Croagunk Jakks TTO - $4
Victini Banpresto MWT - $10
Marill Tomy TTO - $9
Helioptile Banpresto TTO- $5
Hasbro Meowth treat keeper TTO - $4
Charmander Tomy TTO - $10
Pikachu head banpresto TTO - $4
Servine jakks TTO - $3
Chikorita Banpresto MWT - $13
Manaphy Jakks TTO - $5
OShawott Tomy TTO - $5
Petilil broken leaf TTO - $3
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