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Another big box appeared!

Hello community! School's out for a week, because our autumn holiday has just begun! I'm gonna need it. This is a perfect time for a big box to arrive. Sooo, without further ado, let's check it out :) It's my second life size plush!


It's Hawlucha!! And it's huge! It's 110 cm high. That means it's BIGGER than actual size :D I instantly fell in love. So amazing!

It looks so awesome from behind. I really like its wings. They are extremely well made!

Its head and face are also very well made. Its eyes are a little upside down. Hawlucha looks a bit sad :D But I'm totally fine with it.

There's Treecko on Hawlucha's shoulder!

Here it is: my favorite fighting type duo! They are keeping each other company while I'm gone.

"Hello, Saturn! Long time no see ^_^ We used to battle in the same team."
"Why hello! Yes, I remember. But why are you here?"
"My last High Jump Kick missed and I hurt my knee badly. Nurse Joy said I can't battle anymore."
"Oh, that's not nice. Say, how is Sceptile doing?"
"He's doing great in the Battle Maison and Battle Tree. I saw he even hit a 45-win streak! Being able to mega evolve sure makes things easier!"
"Yes, he hit the streak together with me and Chompie! About a week ago, Chompie, I and Gliscor beat the Subway boss Ingo in the Battle Subway. We finally made it to 49 straight wins! But what happened after that 45 streak at the Battle Tree?"
"That challenge is still on hold."
"Oh, right. Do you think we'll see Sceptile here?"
"As far as I know, it looks like he has no intention to stop battling anytime soon."
"I see. I would be happy to see him here. Then the top trio would be reunited!"
"Indeed! That would be awesome. But I'm afraid this flat is too small for him. He is more than twice my size and his tail is always in the way..."
"You are right. I'm so happy to have you around. I was feeling a bit lonely because that Trainer of ours is always at work!"

You know, when I move to a bigger house, moving these guys will be a pain :D Now I have to find a proper place for Hawlucha...

That's all for now! Thanks for reading and have a good upcoming week everyone :)
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