x_xjokerx_x (x_xjokerx_x) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for: Emerald game box

Hello everyone -- I used to lurk on here fairly often, but collecting wasn't easy going to college, but here I am and back.
Anyway, I have a special want: I'm looking for a Pokemon Emerald Game Box.

The fact that I have all my OG boxes from being a kid, but not the box from my Favorite is killing me

If anyone has the OG box around, I'd be interested. ebay currently has several listed in poor shape for too much money and ones that include the game. I do not need the game but I will consider it if it includes the box and goodies.

I also love Furret now, so I'll take a look at any cute Furret merch that you're all collecting. Thanks!
Tags: furret, games, pokemon, wants
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