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Looking For: TOMY 2002 Deluxe Action Electronic Latios


It's me again, still the same guy who's a bit obsessed with large legendary figures, and back with another wishlist.

My hunting have been going on for a while with a good progress and I'm on my way to completion of the main legendary large figures! But now there is one figure that's been brought to my attention and I know I must have it.

It's "Deluxe Action Latios", or commonly known as "2002 Electronic TOMY Latios".

This is the coolest Latios figure I have ever seen and is in a really perfect scale, which means I 100% need it for my in-scale legendary collection. The thing is this figure is really hard to find and up till now I've never seen it come up in auction or the likes.

If you have it and intend to sell it, or maybe you know someone who sells it, please let me know! It doesn't have to be mint, just please be in good/acceptable condition visually, this means the electronic part doesn't have to be working.

I'm also looking for in-scale Latias, maybe TOMY DX Vinyl?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

[P.S. here is a teaser of my still growing collection.]
P.S. here is a teaser of my still growing collection.

Yes, if you saw my previous post, I was looking for Hasbro Lugia, and now here I am managed to get one! >u<

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