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Long time, no post! Have some reviews :D

Hey! It's been a while since I last bought something, so I haven't had anything to post about... until now! Last month I ordered a few things off Japan Stuffs and finally got my package just last week (I picked the cheapest, slowest shipping method... so the wait was extremely difficult LOL). Here's a group pic of what I ordered, and in the cut will be more pics + reviews~

Originally I was going to order the Pokemon Time Mimikyu plush along with this batch, but since I was short on money and really wanted to see reviews of it first (which seem to be nonexistent?) I decided to hold off on it for now. I have not tried the candies yet, but I am saving them for a special anime binge night. Hopefully soon! And I'm very happy with getting Miki's Alolan Vulpix sticker. I was actually hoping for Alolan Vulpix, since I got the Mimikyu sticker last time I ordered from Japan Stuffs. Now I have one sticker for each of my favorite Alolan 'mons ^^

Pokemon Center Hyaku Poke Yako Alolan Vulpix Plush
I really wish I thought about taking a comparison pic with the regular PC Snowpix plush when I had time to take all these photos yesterday... but oh well. If you're curious enough to see the difference, just let me know and I'll snap a quick photo xD Anyways, I held off on getting this little one for a while. Since the promotion didn't seem like it would be overly popular like a certain beanie plush promotion *cough kuttaris cough* I figured I could wait for this plush without worry of it going out of stock. And here it is! At first glance this plush seems very similar to the regular PC plush. Same minky fabric with dyed blue markings and embroidered eyes, nose, mouth, and tail curls. The mouth is noticeably different being a simple smiley face whereas regular PC has an open mouth. Not sure what the material is for the orange jacket, but it doesn't feel delicate. The inner side of the jacket has Ninetales images all over and the outer back side of the jacket has an image of a running Alolan Vulpix (sorry, didn't think to photo that either x.x). Now for size comparison, Hyaku Poke Yako is slightly shorter in height than regular PC. It also has a smaller head (but still proportionate to body) than regular PC, but the tails are slightly longer than the tails on regular PC. Hyaku Poke Yako also has a more almond shape to its eyes whereas regular PC eyes are close to circular (or maybe 'fat almonds' would be a better description lol). Hyaku Poke Yako Snowpix would make an okay cuddle buddy or a display model!

Pokemon Center Pokemon Time Alolan Vulpix Plush Mascot
When this little one was revealed, I wasn't too crazy about how it looked. It seemed a little ugly compared to previous Snowpix plush mascots... but I decided to get it anyway because the completionist in me wanted to lol. In person, this plush mascot is actually interesting. It looks much better in person than in photos, I think. It just really depends if you like the Pokemon Time style or not. Fabric- I don't think I've ever felt something like this before on a plush, but from what I've been seeing around the fabric is called suede. Very smooth, velvety feel to it. Snowpix is more grayish in this plush mascot with her blue colors, paw pads, and curls dyed on. The head fluffs and tails are puffy and slightly squishy. I do not know if squishing them often will do harm, but I'm not willing to try this myself. Eyes, nose, and mouth are embroidered. And the plush mascot comes with an orange ball chain and a tiny orange 'Pokemon Time' rubber(?) charm (it's hidden behind her head fluffs x.x). Overall charming and unique, I recommend if you like the style for decorating your bag or display shelf.

Pokemon Center We Are Team Trick Mimikyu Plush
I love this plush just as much as I love my Halloween Time Mimikyu plush. The patterns used for both Halloween themed Mimikyu plushies look much nicer than the regular PC/shiny PC Mimikyu plush. And they also stand better despite having a bunch of accessories on, haha! Team Trick Mimikyu is minky with dyed on Pika markings and embroidered 'actual' eyes. Its Pika tail is actually different from the regular/shiny and Halloween Time Mimikyu. While the latter three Mimikyu have a flat, easily creased foamy tail that is attached to the back, Team Trick Mimikyu's tail is actually stuffed and shows no sign of creasing. The tail is also not attached to the body so you can make it wag like a dog lol. The tail does not flop and remains upright when displayed. Now for the costume- different materials are used and they feel VERY delicate and are at high risk for bending/creasing. Team Trick's Noibat mask is not fully removable, but you can lift it up a little and take a peak at its Pika face. This is definitely not the best plush for rough cuddling, but is a very pretty display model.

Hope these reviews were helpful to anyone thinking about getting these items! I am very satisfied with what I got and can't wait for the next items to come in ^^
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