electricoil wrote in pkmncollectors

Still looking for Pokemon Quest Vol 1 Pin Claims and other wants!

Still trying to put together a collection I can carry around with me. I'm seeking the Magnemite pin from the Pokemon Quest Vol 1 pins and am hoping someone's doing claims for them soon. 

I also tightened up my wants:

Just the Pyukumuku pin from the Pokemon Center set

The Pyukumuku dex charm

The Magnemite line dex charms

The Alola Festival acrylic Pyukumuku charm

The Pokemon Yurutto Pyukumuku charm

The Pokemon with You Pyukumuku can badge

The Pokemon Center 15th anniversary Magnemite/Magneton can badges

As payment for posting my wants, here's a picture of the duo that's here with me: 

They've very cuddly and I love them both. 


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