charmeleon1991 (charmeleon1991) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Newest Mirage Plush/Nightmare Fuel


I just wanted to show 3 new Mirage plushies i got my hands on.
It’s two European Mirage from Italy and one from i believe Mexico.

The Mexican mirage is a Pikachu on a Jet ski.
I believe that it is a Mirage because i saw that someone in the community had a Charmander version and mentioned that it probably came from Mexico.

So here’s Pikachu! He makes obnoxious loud music after him first trying to start the dang thing.
He also vibrates like crazy. I tried filming it but he keeps falling down so i gave up. :P

I am going to put the other two Mirage under a cut because i really believe that they are Nightmare fuel. Please look at own risk! Especially the Squirtle is quite frightening.

You are warned!!!

So here they are! Good luck sleeping...

Squirtle is about 20 inches and Charmander about 19 inches.
On their tags it says Made in Italy.

Thanks for having a look or not. ;) Have a good nights rest!
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